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  • dgalbers dgalbers Sep 27, 2011 8:10 AM Flag

    Executive Compensation

    According to Morningstar for 2011 ($ in millions):

    Laphen . . . $12.5
    Mancuso . . $ 2.9
    Owen . . . . $ 3.4
    Cook . . . . $ 3.3
    Sheaffer . . $ 2.5

    Probably does NOT include stock awards or stock options.

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    • So with everyone so completely dissatisfied with CSC management, how and why do they keep getting re-elected?

      According the latest 10-Q, Board of Directors received following "FOR" plurality:

      Bailey . . . 111,835,491 87%
      Barram . . . 99,119,629 77%
      Baum . . . . 98,449,217 77%
      Brynjolfsson 114,686,843 89%
      Chase . . . 98,361,508 77%
      Haberkorn . 112,545,425 88%
      Laphen . . . 113,022,451 88%
      McFarlan . . 111,765,179 87%
      Sup Park . . 112,224,183 87%
      Patrick . . 99,084,616 77%

      Exec Compensation PASSED by 85%
      Incentive Plan PASSED by by 85%
      Accounting firm retained by 97%

      Yep, as long as the bumblers and crooks keep getting re-elected, nothing will change.

      So why the astonishment that no one comments on recent developments?

      With UK healthcare contract resolved, there is no longer any sword hanging over CSC or any doppelganger lingering, so if anyone is going to buy CSC at its present bargain basement price, this is the time!!

      If no one shows up to buy CSC, this is the clearest indication you will ever get that no one ever will (unless CSC gets really healthy and the price remains in the dumpster, then a buyer, I guess, could still step forward).

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      • Wall Street? Since when has CSC become the business equivalent of Goldman Sachs??? This thread is about executive management of CSC receiving grossly over-rated paychecks for delivering mediocre stock performance value and, dare I say it, poor client results as well. Bye Bye NHS in Britain. For these results, they should be fired? Why? Grossly overpaid AMERICAN WORKERS. Hell, we can outsource Indian management here and do a far better job of it. (Good idea, CSC out to try that one out sometime).

    • that's disgusting. When I see this and I hear about what politicians are doing or not doing in Washington... makes me think we need a big BIG crisis to force the changes which are necessary. Last crisis accomplished nothing. Fool us once, shame on them, fool us twice... not gonna happen.

    • What did those undeserving "losers" do to merit those bonuses? Have they seen CSC's stock price performance in the past year?

    • How much is that translated into rupee?

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