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  • Vegas_GrandPa Vegas_GrandPa Sep 30, 1999 6:21 PM Flag

    Look out for quizman

    With the recovery over the last 1-2 weeks, Quizman will be back SHORTly and I do mean SHORTly.

    Brace yourself for the negative gibberish.

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    • during my 6 years with them, in two different
      divisions, treats employees with little or no

      Should read.....

      during my six years with
      them, in two different divisions, they treated their
      employees with little or no loyalty.

    • Halibutt,
      Correct, there is no "e" in the
      spelling of "coming" And "is" is not spelled "ID" and
      "Seemsfunny" is two words. Just a typo, in each case, I'm
      I was not a contractor with CSC, I was an
      employee. If I wanted to contract, I would have contracted,
      not hired on (still don't contract).
      I WAS
      offered a job with the "new" contractor. Benefits were
      not comparable, no raises in the offers. I wanted to
      stay the 6 or so more months until I was fully vested
      in the stock matching. I wanted to work for CSC, not
      But, all those reasons are besides the point. The
      point I was looking to make is that, during my 6 years
      with them, in two different divisions, treats
      employees with little or no loyalty. Go back and read my
      message again - the company management laid off a large
      group at Christmas time and during the ramp up for the
      RIF they made it very difficult for anyone on this
      contract to interview elsewhere inside the company. Bad
      business practice and it was one of the reasons I left.

    • What contract was this?

      Why were you not
      picked up by the new contractor

      Losing contracts is part of contracting. You win for a
      period of time. If you don't successfully recompete you
      either rollover to the new company, find a job with the
      same company somewhere else or you get laid off.

      BTW there id no "e" in coming.

    • I own a little CSC stock - left over from my 401k
      match. But I don't follow the company.

      Worked for
      CSC for about 6 years. Absolutely do not agree with
      the smuck/manager (I was a manager, BTW) that says

      "The CSC *I* knows treats employees as valuable
      partners and human beings"

      He and I worked for
      different companies. I remember them bidding on a contract,
      blowing it (which had to be REALLY hard to do) and
      refusing to let anyone interview internally until they
      lost the contract. Then, they laid off the everyone on
      the contract at Christmas time (a couple weeks
      before), sh#t serverance, and to top it all off, they had
      100's of open positions "just down the road", in the
      same field and interviewed...maybe 5 or 10 out of 200
      laid management mandate to interview and
      try to make room for the associates comeing off the
      failed contract re-bid.

      I know that the message
      above is somewhat stream-of-conscience, but frankly I
      just care enough to but THAT much effort into more
      than that.

      good luck with the stock, but I
      don't suggest you work there......

    • I apologize for starting such an acrimonious
      dialogue on this bb. However, the only way to be
      successful as a programmer/analyst in CSC/FSG is to be
      billable. As soon as my billable project ended, I and
      several others were given notice because our positions
      were deleted. This follows the trend of the past three
      or four FSG layoffs. Everybody let go was in a
      non-billable position.

      My request for information on a
      class-action lawsuit concerned the much touted FSG
      "Partnership 2000" program which was designed to keep us from
      walking out the door to seek better opportunities
      elsewhere during a time when FSG management was extremely
      concerned about all the skilled people who were being lost
      due to poor morale.

      I and many others believe
      that it is breach of contract for the funds to be
      withheld after receiving correspondence stating that
      several thousands of dollars were being "held in escrow"
      for us.

      If this is not actionable, so be it,
      but, regardless of the caustic comments on this board,
      I continue to believe that it is in my best
      interest to attempt to seek information about

      So, please, if you have any information, pro or con,
      let me know.

      If all you want to do is critize,
      please do not bother to respond. Your restraint will be
      greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

    • Since I am 61, I am retired fron one job, after
      37 years and am currently working at

      How many friends I do or do not have is none of your

      But, I have no respect, or paitence with
      whiners. Yes you are right all companies do not do the
      right thing, but most are not stupid enough to leave
      themselves open to class-action law suits.

      BTW your
      opinion of my intelligence or lack of it, is of
      absolutely NO concern to me.

    • There is a place and time for everything. Stock
      boards, in my opinion, are not the places to air ones
      dirty laundry. We've been bored with all this fussing
      back and forth and threats of lawsuits. I feel sorry
      for anyone who gets laid off, but I'm not going to
      selfishly infringe on the entire world with my personal
      problems. If people can't handle or get out and find other
      employment, then they either need to find a "shrink" or find
      a society that raises people from cradle to grave
      (also known as socialism).
      Hey, that swamp is a
      nice place to live. Try it sometime.............See
      when you're an idiot and moron you can write stuff
      like this.
      Now you have a good day, ok??

    • I'm a former CSC employee who left because they lost the contract. However, I did hang on to my stock as it's performance has been phenomenal.

    • I have not gotten laid off, just stating my
      opinion about how some on this board have little
      compassion for people who have been laid off. I've been laid
      off before and it was a difficult time in the early
      80's to find a freak'in job during all the downsizing.
      Companies do not always do good by thier workers. If you
      think so, your a freak'n idiot. Sometimes a suit is the
      only thing that causes companies to reevaluate their
      policies. Next time, read the post more carefully you
      moron. Now crawl back into the swamp where you belong.

    • Hey, sorry you took my note to be "talking down"
      to the person who reported they had been "given
      their walking papers" from CSC. It certainly was not my
      intent to talk down to that person - I wanted to help.
      From the post, it wasn't clear to *me* that he/she
      wasn't still employed at CSC. Either way, there are
      things that can be done to help get a job - which must
      be the goal of someone laid

      Unfortunately, not everyone knows what's available to them - the
      Transfers & Relocation DB is a pretty good tool for getting
      picked up.

      Regarding my suggestion that the
      person contact his/her current or prior supervisors for
      a letter of recommendation - it is a good piece of
      advice! I can imagine that in the trauma of being laid
      off (its happened to me), you might be so angry at
      the company that you'd overlook something that could
      help you get another job. And, if this person's
      anything like me, they're not anywhere near ready to
      retire, so *need* a job.

      Regarding the advice on
      avoiding lawyers for labor disputes based on layoff -
      that's only my opinion based on experience. I've seen
      folks lose big bucks engaging attorneys, to no avail -
      the only ones who won were the lawyers. And as for
      class action suits - every one to which I have ever
      been a party has provided bupkus for me, and big bucks
      for the law firms.

      My comments about how to
      succeed at CSC were intended for the poster assuming
      he/she was given notice of layoff but not yet laid off.
      My intention was to offer some advice for when
      he/she was interviewed for another

      Finally, yes, I am a manager, but began my career as a
      humble engineer - but I think of myself as a CSC
      employee, and not a management-type. The CSC *I* knows
      treats employees as valuable partners and human beings.
      I felt bad that the poster had been laid off (or
      whatever - I wasn't sure) and wanted to help. Still do, in

      Frankly, sometimes I was I *was* stupid. I'd care

      Have a safe and Happy New Year, if you can. Try to
      cheer up.

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