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  • pa.roberts14 pa.roberts14 Apr 3, 2012 8:12 PM Flag

    Now I believe

    I started a long positiion at 5. I increased it today at 4.5. And I will continue buy on the dips. I believe there will be a rally when the Wholesome deal closes. I also see IPSU doing some things that just MIGHT make them profitable. They don't seem to be circling the wagons. (I know they sold Wholesome to improve their liquidity.) They seem down right optomistic to me. Luck to all:)

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    • pa.roberts: why will it rally when Wholesome closes? Isn't that event already baked/discounted into the current share price? After all, the closing of the deal is nearly certain.They are doing some things that might make them profitable? what makes you think what they are doing now will improve their profitibilty? They haven't had any success in the past, so what is different now? they seem optimistic? they never seem optimistic, but rather pessimistic. Circling the wagons? I don't think so, their regard for shareholder value appears low in the scheme of things.As you can see, I am at the end of my rope, when it comes to having any more hope in respect to this investment.