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  • slewfan slewfan Feb 25, 2006 5:53 AM Flag


    Got the CIN proxy about a week ago - just the proxy with instructions to read the details on the web. Got the entire printed package from DUK - own both of them. As far as messages not being posted, this YAHOO board seems to get messed up about once a week.

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    • I got my merger booklet yesterday. Be sure to read the top 3 paragraphs on page 110 re dividends, especially para. 3. I don't trust the dividend beyond the next quarterly payment. I never remember any mergin agreement hedging so on future dividends. Remember, they deliberately raised the Duke dividend to make the deal agreeable to Cin shareholders, since Duke paid a lower dividend. If I wasn't already messed up with 2006 taxxes due (sold some land and afew stocks)I'd sell. Not that Cin did much over the years, in fact it's the lousiest utility investment I ever made and can't figure why I didn't sell it 20 or 25 years ago. Comes of living in the Middle East with no access to even closing market prices,

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      • Dividends are always at the approval of the directors, but the wording does seem ominous. I was already planning to get rid of Duke because I am not satisfied with their dividend and I have a little in capital gains, but haven't decided about my Cinergy shares after the merger. I am having trouble finding something that pays a good dividend that won't take a hit in price if the fed keeps raising rates.