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  • semper_grumpy semper_grumpy Nov 12, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    Earnings announcement?

    Q3 earnings (losses) were to be announced today, yes? No? Any word on when?

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    • released today a delay in the 10Q due to the review in question...they will review and possibly restate...I can't imagine much differance in financials being that they have been reporting losses for several yrs now. book is still 1.5 billion,,,net assets with 4 billion in assets..amazing what wall st values...amzn has been reporting losses for yrs and has a pe over 300?

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      • Per some industry reports (aka speculation), OSG's assets are overstated by at least 1 billion. They're not alone of course. But GMR already went BK.. VLCCF and others have taken asset write-downs.

        AMZN has the advantage of a wide-moat in a rapidly growing market and is rolling out oodles of new products. They've been MAKING their own market.

        OSG suffers, in part, from a lack of ANY moat in a shrinking market.

    • yah, obviously something is brewing, they probably are delaying as they have the disclosure problem. this should be interesting! the Chairman, President and CFO have not signed off yet on earnings. That is why you need Sorbanes/Oxley because these #$%$ cannot sign off on earnings?