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  • draekon666 draekon666 Nov 16, 2006 4:49 AM Flag

    PEIX Chart

    What Peix should do is develop ties with China. Peix has its strength in the west so it is positioned to sell to China. They should also give money to universities for R&D to have the rights to any new patents. It is also important to diversify ethanol sources. Peix is still early in its expansion so it can still build different types of ethanol plants other than corn.

    Before I talk about the chart. dANimAL is wrong about everything I can think of. He is losing money badly because he is a retard. Barbara Boxer, no statement in an old SEC filing means, Forbes article, his technical analysis and his FA such as valuation. I'm know there is more. All that work & effort and he still loses money. I hope he sticks around so I can laugh at him and his multiple aliases (conspiracy script & others using his false numbers). I don't want to say too much about his mistakes because he might actually believe his analysis and I don't want to help him. The easiest one to correct is his valuation analysis which can easily be seen in the "Key Statistics" on Yahoo Finance. I even checked the SEC filings and they are basically right. Obvious lies.

    TA of the Peix chart has multiple breakouts on possible chart patterns. The high volume today confirms to me a definite change in intermediate trend. I need to see other things before confirming a LT trend change. The 25 target from Raymond James looks like an inv H&S target. Volume is accelerating in Oct & Nov which can be seen in the daily volume bars and PVO or just eyeballing the other vol indicators. OIH is also breaking out of a bear trap. With the final SEC filing, I will try to get a fundamental target price. Peix has a determined plant schedule which I want to use to help determine growth rates. FA is so subjective also. All the (fundamental) analysts on WS try to make it sound like their work isn't.

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