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  • mick.2126 mick.2126 Nov 10, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    Califonia Proposition Just Passed

    Did anyone hear about that proposition that Califonia voted in. Supposably it will bring in 1 billion a year. The 1st 5 years of this money will goto renewable energy sources and upgrading schools and such with more energy efficient things. I wonder how much of this billion a year will be spread out across the ethanol industry. Namely our PEIX. Growth Force dot org is a cool site too.

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    • Mick,there Is Going to Be a War On this Battle Ground Stock this Week

      shorts tried but certainly found a powerful opponent that is doing whatever they can to keep PEIX
      from sliding much further.
      If they where out to destroy PEIX in one quest, they would have given up because obviously that didn't work or they would have tried much harder. But they didn't, and since there hasn't been a shortsqueeze I guess they have much more money. So I think they moved their goal from trying to get PEIX straight on their knees to doing as much harm as possible, and see if they can keep PEIX under $1,- for let's say the coming 200 days.
      But PEIX and some other powerful traders, which are trying to keep PEIX well above .35 are trying the opposite. The question now is, who has the right momentum. My guess is PEIX. I don't think they did plan the earnings release by accident Monday. There are a lot more things going to happen Monday and Tuesday, so I think doing the release then is their way to create the momentum to get up on their feet and you can read from that that the results will be good.
      Now my guess is that a lot of traders have been saving their powers for the coming week, and they are certain they are going to bring the PPS toward $1,- The other rush was just a short test to see if they could create a head start and to make sure it will not go under .35.
      Get ready for some fireworks Tuesday.
      I think more and more when I look at what's going on, it is 'do or die' and if they play their cards good, who knows maybe you're powerful entity will take eggs for their money and even help create the huge squeeze
      Tuesday someone will say: "I love it when a plan comes together!"

      By the way, since they are going to install the corn oil separation also at the Madera Plant we maybe even hear something about the future reopening of Madera.

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      • This rambling statement or prediction of sorts is about right, just a couple of weeks off target............There are traders still waiting on the sidelines. Fiscal cliff worries and europe worries and other things out of asia, petroleum, currencies and gold all play into their thoughts. What would happen if some powerful trader as you suggets ms kelly, were to say, buy up a million or two shares of float?

      • always wrong

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • I Dont See California,the EPA,Or OBAMA Letting this Industry Go Down.

        EPA Waiver decision the week of Nov. 12

        CA. Cap & Trade Auction the 14th

        Wouldnt Be Suprised If OBAMA Made Direct Talk On Renewable Fuel this Week to Pay Back

        Ethanol Industry Groups Congratulate Obama
        Posted on 08 November 2012 by Andy Eubank

        U.S. ethanol producers across the nation are congratulating President Obama on his successful re-election bid. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis noted the President’s support for the ethanol industry over the last four years. Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen pointed out that both candidates for President agreed energy independence was an important national goal and publicly supported the Renewable Fuel Standard. Buis said Growth Energy looks forward to working with the President, his administration and the Congress in a bipartisan manner to help expand market access for biofuels and to defend the RFS. RFA is also ready and eager to work
        with the President to expand the market for biofuels and bring the next generation online. Buis said the renewable fuels industry creates jobs at home that cannot be outsourced, spurs investment in America and revitalizes rural economies, produces a cleaner burning fuel and reduces our dependence on foreign oil – all while providing consumers savings at the pump. Dinneen said ethanol has already helped reduce U.S. imports of oil from the Persian Gulf by 25-percent since 2000. He added that the industry supports 400-thousand American jobs across the economy. He said this is just the beginning of what biofuels can accomplish.
        Source: NAFB News Service

        OBAMA just Won Re-Election,Lets See What Happens

        & Pacific Ethanol Earnings & Conf. Call

    • Yes,I Voted Yes On It

      It Didnt Face Much Opposition,and Easily Passed

      Prop 39

      One proposition in particular has to do with the future of clean, renewable energy in the state. Out of all the propositions on the ballot this year, Prop 39 may not be as familiar to voters as some of the others. It requires multi-state businesses to pay income taxes based on the percentage of their sales in California. The tax revenue could generate $1 billion for the state. Half of that goes to education. The other half will go to energy efficiency and alternative energy projects over the next 5 years

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      • amazing how the govt figures out ways to get their hands into our pockets.....pretty soon we will all be paying $135 for a pair of jeans like they do in europe.

        And somebody needs to explain why kids are coming out of school knowing less and less even though we keep dumping $$ into the bottomless pit we call education. We had a guy fill out an application the other day, he used texting shorthand on some of it.

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