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  • sue127828 sue127828 Nov 2, 2010 12:25 PM Flag

    What will it take to get Redf to take off like Goog and bidu?

    Even as high as Yhoo?

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    • jsmartech Nov 2, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

      Short term it has the potential to be profitable with the new mobile plan. Lots of Indians are smart consumers. The unlimited email data will be huge and it's palatable to the common population, taxi drivers, students, service industry.
      It will bridge most Indians that cannot afford broadband or do not have access to infrastructure.

      Indias young population means this number in cell phone subscribers will grow exponentially. It's sad that there are more mobile phones than proper sanitation in India but that's just how they have their priorties set at the moment. There is a tech craze

      The key to Rediff's success is the middle class. Once there is a strong middle class to shop online, to have access to broadband it will become another baidu.

      Just like how Baidu is trying to become another google. With 9.2 percent growth India is only second to china in having a burgeoning middle class.

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      • Great question !
        I have been following REDF since years. (And other Indian stocks) REDF I believe has nothing to do with fundamentals or India China comparison.
        IMO It is a great company with worst promoters.
        REDF will never become BIDU as Indians know english more than chinese do and they prefer using yahoo/google/bing more than redf. For emails too, Indians use yahoo/gmail/hotmail.
        There is no reason for Indians to use REDF.
        But the stock can shoot up anytime, if the CEO resigns.
        Indian companies work differently. Why REDF is "showing" loss since 9 quarters? Why is no Indian company (Except few like infosys/TCS/Reliance/Tata) quoted at a better price on NYSE/NASDAC? (We all know the answer... ) :-)
        All in my opinion of course.

    • More Indians using the internet. Company is currently valued at $1 per registered user, which is silly. It won't be a GOOG/BIDU, but I think it's reasonable to expect it to be a SINA/SOHU type player in a few years as broadband internet access is rolled out to people throughout India. Remember, there are currently 9 Million broadband users versus a poulation of 1.2 Billion. That's a 0.75% usage rate (versus 25% for the developed world). There's lots of room to grow.

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