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  • aarongarry aarongarry May 26, 2003 8:08 PM Flag

    My Visit To Panera - Memorial Day

    A. Broad Street - Columbus, Ohio - Memorial Day - 1 pm.

    B. Line to the door. Place is jam packed. 85% of seats occupied with people eating full meals.

    C. Quick, Easy, Intelligent Menu. Good salad offering, like the combos available (soup/salad/half sand.), nice sandwich offering.

    D. Good selection of soups. 5 Soups available in the summer. Good stuff.

    E. Maybe a tad pricey, my girlfriend and I were $16.00 out the door, but the food was good.

    F. Manager told me they are always "slammed" with customers and that is a daily occurance. Said it's always busy and business has been fantastic as always.

    G. Food was good, filled me up, very good amount of food.

    H. Soft Drinks, excellent with good mix of syrup and fizz.

    Basically, I'm ecstatic to be a shareholder in Panera. Seriously, this is the next Starbucks if you ask me. The key is going to be expansion and location choices, but I think they can pull it off well. Two thumbs up here.

    Aaron Garry

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    • LOL.....Wrong is most definitely in my vocabulary as I have been wrong a lot. It's just that (at least with this low interest rate environment) a lot of beaten up stuff has moved up and moved up dramatically (for those that monitor and pick their price points & have rock solid discipline)......

      Now I could give you a lot of ammunition (i.e. company names), but why load your cannons to broadside me?!? The funny thing is that you are actually picking on one (of a handful) of companies that I have profitted from on multiple occassions. Granted this 'go around' hasn't been the most profitable, but while I am more than willing to give a mea culpa (unless PNRA gaps up 20 points), this one is not it.......Good luck to all.....

      "Anybody who mentions that growth rate is relevant to any rational valuation model,..."

      -- This comment is such 'in the eye of the beholder' it's pathetic. I fully admit I am not a momentum growthie-type 'player.' I admire cold hard discipline. Many growthies don't exhibit that. I buy when the eventual diappointment comes (and the growthies are like 'deers in headlights' in terms of valuations since they really never know what they buy, and when the pretend to know, it's really ephemeral growthie/Technical Analysis BS that boils down to the 'Great Fool Theory'), and sell when they take an asset higher than it's intrinsic value. Now true 'growth' is tough to measure, I fully admit I am much better at determining/ascertaining the downside (vs. the ultimate upside).......Good luck to all.....

    • "this is the next Starbucks if you ask me..."

      -- That should scare the living daylights out of you!!! SBUX's accounting is scary beyond belief (have you looked at a 10K or any financial within the last 5 years)?!? If not, so so....Or really, don't. Some people actually don't really want to know of what they invest in (not me).....Good luck to all....

      -- Don't you also realize that there is a host of investors that feel the same way you do, and have already bid the value to reflect these feelings??!? Where's the benefit (except momentum and 'Greater Fool' games) AT THIS VALUATION?!?

      • 1 Reply to valuemonster_jurel
      • Clearly I wasn't talking about Accounting and Financial Statements. When I speak of the next Starbucks, I speak of Panera in the Operational sense.....

        A) Very accessible outlets
        B) High traffic locations
        C) Quality product with recognizable brand and image.
        D) Fresh Food Fast (2003 Buzz-Phrase)
        E) Good average basket size
        F) Low Overhead
        G) Room to expand

        Yeah, sounds like a big problem to me. I gotta tell you buddy, this thing is a winner. I wish I'd been smart enough to smell SBUX after the first 2:1 split in '94. I'm not missing the boat this time.

    • You, too, in your ecstasy, forgot to mention the price per share in touting PNRA.

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