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  • eztobenice eztobenice Jan 9, 2006 1:38 PM Flag

    It's getting ugly

    If this falls below $64 there isn't much to stop it from falling down to it's next support level which looks to be about $62.50. Markets are up again and this one is nose diving. Sorry to say, bad signals all around.

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    • Dumonts,

      You are a dyed-in-the-wool idiot. SBUX's accounting is attrocious and you talk about the 'paper' aspects of a 'deal.' Getting Shaich for nothing?!?? You make me laugh. He knows what happened to ABPCA and is acting accordingly. You will never learn (nor understand)......Good luck to all......

    • That would surely attract more attention to the lengthening of depreciation time.

    • like taking over cosi.

    • Get back in your hole, you nasty little troll. Being a short doesn't justify the trash talking you've been doing on this board. You are treading on a call from the sec if you have no substantiaion for the claims of book cooking and other such nonsense you've posted.

    • While I am confident that Ron would do a terrific job in the unlikely event he were given that opportunity, IMHO his skills would be better used, assuming he wanted to do something outside of just what he is doing now, by taking charge, via an acquisition, of a poorly run company and turning it around. Taking a troubled Au Bon Pain to a thriving Panera in 2 years, was his finest moment to date. I would like to see him do that again.

    • I'm relatively new to pnra as an investor, but not as a consumer. If you've been singing this line before, I regret missing out on your drivel, as you are so funny. anyone comparing pnra to kkd in any way, shape or manner can't be serious. kkd was about hype, not food. I visited once to see what it was all about, brought home a dozen, and my family laughed while the doughy sugar snacks sat uneaten and were thrown away. pnra makes very good food, man. people love it. don't you know the difference? you're too funny.

    • dumont1 Jan 10, 2006 7:17 AM Flag

      "Objective Clarity" of thought is critical, always. Ron's skills would be best served if he were to become the CEO of the combined SBUX/PNRA business. If SBUX mgmt and Board of Directors were "thinking", with objective clarity, of their succession issues and the longer term well being of their stakeholders, and -their- franchise, they would agree with me immediately. Unfortunately ego is in the way of acheiving the objective clarity required to come to such a realization. If you or me were on the board of SBUX we would advocate overpaying to acquire the Panera system, organization, cash flow and balance sheet, future, and the leadership of Ron without putting up one cent of cash...just with their "paper". It would be an incredible coup for SBUX. It would give Ron the really big stage he deserves to lead from. It would insure in depth leadership into the future for the combined business. The SBUX crowd is too egotistical to realize that this is their peak moment of valuation in the stock market. What better use to make of their fully priced paper than to acquire the entire Panera package. Just call the engraver and get him busy making the new certificates would be my sincere suggestion and recommendation to them.

    • Don't hold your breath on PNRA and WFMI merging. Whole Foods is a store that has been built on healthy items. Panera Breads is fattening, and the healthy people will not want any part of it. Bad business for WFMI.

    • Hoth,

      You should learn to think outside the box. IF, and it's a big if, WFMI and Pnra decided to merge, the menu would easily be adapted to satisfy both companies. WFMI presently serves salad items in its buffet which are priced roughly comparably with prices at Panera. For Paneras outside Wfmi stores, there would probably be no need to change anything on the menu.

    • dumont1 Jan 9, 2006 2:20 PM Flag

      Earlier in the evolution of Panera it tried very hard to achieve minority ownership among its select group of franchisees. It tried and failed because of the behavior of the franchisee, not because of anything Panera said or did. Now, after several years of searching to establish diversity among its franchisees, it has successfully found not only a qualified minority group, but one with a national repution for winning in the food business and with its fellow citizens and valued neighbors. And I might add, they are well financed and proven in their chosen area of expertise; food! Panera continues to excell on all fronts. It is obvious to all of us in life to try to turn dissappointment and loss into the positives that success brings. This announcement of the Johnson Group getting involved in the California develoment of the Panera system is great and welcome news. Panera, as I have said many times, is a buy on weakness, but is not a sale on strength. That's because this is just the second inning of their game. The present 825 stores will ultimately grow to over 4,500 globally. All stores will benefit from the many management initatives to increase revenues and profitability per square foot spead throught the day and into the evening....Those of you who regularly read here know what those initatives are and approximately when they will become meaningful contributors to greater SSS, sales, profits, and EPS. For new readers (mostly shorties today) here is a partial list: Via Panera, hot breakfasts, natural anti-biotic free chicken, Crispani after 4P, branding with national advertising, drive thru-windows, and the development of an international presence.

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      • Dumont-I pretty much agree with your positive outlook though as always, I'm not sure how the stock should be priced at any one time. Right now if 2006 earnings are around $2.10 the forward PE is around 30-I think short term there is more room for a drop in price.
        Do you have any thoughts on how attractive Panera is as a takeover candidate in the future. I have very little handle on this aspect.


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