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  • pfalp pfalp Aug 17, 2006 12:00 PM Flag

    Missing in action

    I think it is interesting to note that with Panera's recent bounce up Valuemonster and his toadies are missing from the board.

    Where are you value? Hiding?

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    • Very superficial post on your part. You take comments as if they reflect one's SENTIMENT. I am not wishing for a recession. I don't wish for anything expect stocks (& bonds) selling at irrationally cheap enterprise VALues. I could care less the reason, or the circumstances. Now if I was an elected official, attorney, sell-side ANAL-yst, or other scum, I would feel and act differently. I simply read the 'tea leaves.'

      Unfortunately the market hasn't beeen 'conditioned' that things are cyclical in a market economy (thanks Greenspan) and that Greenspan did a number on housing in order to ward off the deflationary aspects of the tech bubble. Made us all feel a lot richer than we really are......Reversion to the mean's a bit%h. Good luck to all.......

    • Val.......

      You must be on "Gloomy Gus". Now you are eagerly forecasting a recession. Why would you wish that on this country? PNRA is a stock that had a recent correction and is now headed for higher ground. The goods and services that are sold are much in desire by the consumers and its popularity for its product(s) are only increasing.
      I really think you got this one wrong.....

    • Wanna see bullishness?!? Crater the market cap big time, and you will see bullishness on my part! Being a contrarian/VALue investor means buying low and selling high. Not buying high and selling low (as you seem to be good at) or buying high and selling higher. Congrats to those in the latter category, I'm just not good enough. 1Q07 folks. By then the consumer-led recession we are about to experience should be in full swing. The ODDS favor it IMHO......Good luck to all.........

    • Well said. Couldn't have said it better myself. Those experienced in the ways of Wall Street (such as yourself) will see the key difference between healthy skepticism and cynicism/perpetual bearishness. The former is a godsend, the latter a curse. Great luck to you and Good luck to all.......

    • <<<I am so sick and tired of his bearish attitude on this stock ............>>>.

      Ah, what strange conception you have on the working of the stock market. How can you so childishly wish that everyone be bullish on the stock that you bought?

      Imagine if everyone is eternally bullish, who is going to sell? Will there even be a functional stock market in that case?

      It is through immature investors like youself that pump and dump schemes can exist!!!!

    • Right on koz!

      Finally someone puts Val in his place. I am so sick and tired of his bearish attitude on this stock and his beaming about how smart he is because he shorted this stock. Give me a break Val.....I'll bet you pray every night for the stock price to keep going down so that you can buy it at a low price and then be long in PNRA and a year from now brag how smart you were to buy it at its bottom. Hot and koz got it are a phoney and your"good Luck to all" tag line is BS........

    • Hmmm - How things change back in a week

    • koz,

      Take a chill pill. I said in the post it's nothing more than a "dream" in this environment, also look to whom the post was addressed (the biggest BS-er on this Board). Read the whole post b-4 posting! Good luck to all........

    • Value

      LOL. Your post is ridiculous. You say you would be a big bull if Panera hit a market cap of $250 million. That's about $8 per share. It is also less than the investment at cost in Panera's company owned stores (with no value at all for the franchised locations). It would put the PE at a bit over 3. That's not VALue, that's bullshit! Why not tell us how you will be a bull for MSFT when it hits 75 cents. Maybe you could hold out to buy Yahoo at a quarter. How about Berkshire Hathaway at $55. Exxon Mobil when it hits a market cap of 100 million.

      You obviously do not know what you are talking about!!

    • "....I am confident that not responding to him is the best strategy. He's just not worth anyone's time IMHO."

      -- WEll said. Let's see how long you will implement what you write.

      "Hopefully, this board can focus on the exciting things happening at Panera as well as any concrete negatives."

      -- I think we can count on you to push the "exciting things", while heavily discounting (if not outright ignoring) the "concrete negatives."

      perma-short? I assume you are referring to me. I have NEVER been such. Skeptic(al), yes. Closed-minded never......What you don't understand is that, get PNRA to a $250M (or lower) mkt cap -- (yes in this environment it's a dream), and you wouldn't see a bigger bull. If you haven't been exposed to this type of thinking, it's called deep VALue. I'm sure you wouldn't know it if it hit you on the head! Otherwise, please have the market take this sucka back to $2B, pretty please. Some of us know what to do then too........Good luck to almost all.........

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