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  • panerapundit panerapundit Oct 5, 2006 9:23 AM Flag


    Imagine how many posts this board would have this morning if Pnra had fallen 6.40 yesterday, rather than rising 6.40? I suspect it would be much more than 1.

    Congratulations to all the longs who saw through the utter b.s. that was being put forth here in the past week.

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    • Revenues up THIRTY PERCENT.

    • Where *is* Gotta? Guess his moniker changed to Gotta_go. And, for that matter, where has the great VAL blowhard gone?

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      • The shorts on this board were never impressive. They either state falsehoods ("my neighbor tells me crispani isn't selling, revenues will rise 6%) make apples to oranges computations (e.g., the EPS growth rate is x, not expensing options in '05 and expensing in '06), or they're just bearish for years and consistently wrong and, as an extra added attraction, nasty about it. I'm glad to argue any Panera issue with someone who is knowledgeable and has a modicum of civility. These shorts don't come close.

        With minor exceptions for small periods of time, Pnra has been a fantastic long for the last 5 years. Just buy and hold would have worked great and most longs do some trading, call writing, etc. and have done even better. Yesterday's comps likely begins a new strong growth period as dinner gets monetized big time over the next few years. At 27 times '07 EPS estimates the stock has again become very reasonably priced, given strong store openings and comps to come. Anyone can disagree and try to present a cogent position. I'm not looking for accolades, but don't tell me or anyone else who has made tons of money on this stock that they're idiots AND put forth utter falsehoods or plainly fallacious arguments.

        None of the longs have tried to kick anyone when they're down. I'm confident that much abuse would have been put forth by the shorts if the comps had missed and the stock were way down and that just sucks.

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