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  • barc37000 barc37000 Oct 30, 2006 3:15 PM Flag

    what am i missing


    gdp growing at 1.6 % walmart coming out with miserable sales number and every restaurant i follow is up????????

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    • yeah, most of em are up
      if ya haven't eaten outin 4 mos and get a bit of
      break on the gas---then ya owe the spouse a nite out.
      put it on credit card of course.
      but--------but---------that does not change the facts.
      the american consumer has taken it on the chin for almost
      a yr on gas prices and at 100 bucks a week extra for 2/3 cars
      that just another 5k put on the credit card. well now
      they are maxed out.
      now 10 mill home buyers are upside down on their
      home. --- they can't refi because the home won't appraise
      for the amount they owe. they cant sell, or move.
      gdp falling quarterly 5.5 to 3.5 to now 1.5 and
      wmt leads the next number ---- .5
      those wallstreet guys kept up the talk till the
      end of the oct yr. but the market has taken notice
      that---the best q for earnings just ended.
      the typical american
      wiped out in 2000 collapse, now they are under on
      the home they bought in the last 4/5 yrs and can not
      sell, used all the equity in the old one, credit
      cards maxed out.
      now resorting to cash advances---the fastest
      growing business in the last 4 yrs. hope you don't
      know but thats where they charge 500% interest so
      someone can get 1000 bucks to help make their 3k
      this is gonna get very ugly---in a hurry.

    • gotta_do_better_then_that gotta_do_better_then_that Oct 30, 2006 4:24 PM Flag

      The trans fat issue with KFC stirred a bid under the fast food sector especially now that BK is looking to jump on board. Fast food groups is looking to go the healthier route.

    • gotta_do_better_then_that gotta_do_better_then_that Oct 30, 2006 3:36 PM Flag

      add thjis to the list of things look real crappy going forward.

      WASHINGTON (AP) -- Consumers kept a tight grip on their wallets in September, increasing their spending by only 0.1 percent.
      The Commerce Department's report, released Monday, showed that consumers had a solid appetite for big-ticket goods such as cars and appliances last month. However, spending on nondurable goods, including food, clothes and gas, fell. That at least in part reflected lower prices at the gasoline pump, analysts said.

    • gotta_do_better_then_that gotta_do_better_then_that Oct 30, 2006 3:34 PM Flag

      The sector has been one of the best performing so be patience they are doing their best to hold this crap up until they close the books one Oct 31 for year end reporting for Hedges and Mutuals.

      So far this reporting season PNRA has had the worst report out of the sector even worse than some of the dogs in the sector and is the most overpriced. BWLD looks to be the early stage growth play in the group from what I heard so money will rotate out of this "can't even make downward revised earnings" company. Also fast food seems to be keeping it's current momentum over fast casual lately. People are being more frugal with their money. PNRA is facing more and more competition in the "organic/ wholesome" offerings at better prices points. Nobody here seems to address any of this.

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