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  • broncos_rangers broncos_rangers Feb 16, 2007 3:01 PM Flag

    2 BILLION Market Cap' and only made 58 MILLION

    Garbage garbage Penny stock make more with less

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    • Please enlighten us "suckers" on how you arrive at the conclusion that Panera has no cash flow. Teach us, oh wise one, how the market works. What the devil are you talking about? Leverage free cash? you mean cash not borrowed? I'm looking at their balance sheet and I see nothing under short or long term debt... in fact their total liabilities come in at 120M... 120 million... that's almost what their positive cash flow was in 2005 ... So please explain your leveraged free cash thought, because you've completely lost me.

      LOL... and if you don't mind, let me know what "coming down" means too... YOu mean Panera's gonna crash? to penny stock levels? Why? Do you know of something no one else does. Does Panera actually have Leprachauns chained in the back of all their stores working as free slave labor? Maybe they actually cook the books and they pay all the people to take up all the chairs at Panera stores nationwide... why? to fool investors and man have they done it well. I mean a 1400%+ return since 1/1/2000... They are suckering the world!!! What an amazing con...

      Seriously though, explain your leveraged free cash if you will, I'm listening.

    • They have basically zero leverage free cash. So no they don't have a cash flow. You suckers need to learn how it works.

      The market is going into correction mode even if the prop this up in here it's still coming down.

    • I agree with your assessment. The shorts don't really bother me... I'm just amazed that people short stocks with such amazing records and then try to act as if those records don't exist.

    • You're right about the rise from early '00. He had mentioned late '00 which is why I focused on a 300% gain. Either way, great record.

      I'm just amazed how the shorts have been predicting doom for Panera since even before 2000. There has always been a large short interest, always a proliferation of negative posts. And, yet, the company has always performed. Minor problems have always been overcome and the stock has become much cheaper on a valid valuation analysis. Yet the shorts persist. I suspect that if they went away and the short interest came down substantially, that we'd be near a top. I actually welcome the negativity. Though you would think that with this company's history of enormous success that the shorts would get wise to the fact that in all parts of the country and in various demographics and age groups, Panera has really been accepted and has thrived.

    • lol... go back up and look at the post where I put what 10k would be today if you invested in the beginning of 2000... Very, very few stocks would touch that. The split is what helped out so much...forget quadruble which is what hotpanera talks about... your money would be up 1400 plus percent from 2000. To imply that alot of other stocks have been this succesful since 2000 is almost as ludicrous as saying that Panera will be a penny stock in the near future.

    • Why do you even bother answering
      all this negative rhetoric.
      The performance of the stock
      speaks for itself.
      Even the analysts are jumping
      on board.....
      Let's hope it keeps going up.
      Somewhere along the upward curve
      it will probably stall...

    • What are you smoking? Pnra has quadrupled since the end of 2000.

    • Heck if you bought anything at the end of 2000 you'd be much happier

    • insightful fresh idea... i like it. Don't agree with it, but it's an interesting theory. Can't argue with your numbers, I just don't necessarily think they equate a signifcant descent... at least not as promptly as you predict.

      Panera is strong fiscally with good potential for continued growth. I'm a long term, buy and hold until death or I need the money kind of investor. I don't like to pay capital gains or sell before a run. If there are persistant problems with a companies finances or growth policy... or anything else I deem to be threatening, I do sell. That said I only invest in a company if it's a solid company.

      Will Panera rise and fall absolutely, all comapnies do. Over the long hall I think the Panera will continue to beat market averages and the graph will look as it does now. Steady rise. Hold this one, in 5 years you'll be glad you did. Heck, if you bought in 2000 only 7 years later you'd have made a boat load of cash. Wish I would have been on this ship then. I don't think it's done sailing though.

    • It's funny to me that this ludicrous comment illicited so much debate. Financials are healthy and this companies growing with lots of room for expansion. No competitors offering a similar product and a huge following. Take a look at the graph since 2000... why would you post a Strong Sell unless you were (very foolishly and I don't mean in the Motley Fool good sense) shorting this stock? And why would you short?

      Investing 10k on 1/1/2000 would today be worth $159,768.50... that's a 1,497.7% return... good luck with your shorts.

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