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  • hotpanera2 hotpanera2 Apr 4, 2007 7:26 PM Flag

    Another analyst stays positive

    You obviously don't know the difference between opinion and libel. It's opinion to say the stock's PE is too high for its growth rate. It's opinion to disagree with that statement because the growth rate more than justifies the PE. It is libel to claim that the controller left because of accounting disagreements or that there are accounting problems with no evidence. I know they teach you in basher school: "make vague references to accounting problems to scare people". That doesn't turn libel into opinion. I happen to be a lawyer. Panera is one of the reasons I was able to retire at age 50. If Panera goes to 50 -- which I don't expect at all -- 80% of my stock will still have already been sold and the other 20% has a basis of 3.0625 after the split. Plus, I have taken out plenty of money writing calls. You and the other shorts are playing for a few points. I'm here for the long term. I just received an E-Mail about the new spring menu items. They are very exciting. Panera will have good comps starting this period. If you don't like my posts, please use the ignore option.

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