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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Dec 19, 2007 1:17 PM Flag

    Great To See Grossly OverVALued Stuff Getting Hammered....

    For the fast casuals it appears to have been Brinker's release that got things started in the right direction.

    It's always a question of VALuation. Just sickens me that the FED, our governemnt, et al want to keep things from reaching true VALue -- at nearly ANY cost. That's what rubs me the wrong way.

    PNRA getting hammered, Shamrock getting hammered, not a bad twosome in my book. Watch as the guts are ripped out of mighty mo' momentum idiots like hot, play, et al. Not a bad triparte development IMHO. More to come.....Great luck to all.....

    Dare I say it, I'm starting to think of going long -- not PNRA , yet, but PFCB, CAKE, several fast casuals are starting to behave quite nicely.

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    • You want value? Buy ITIC at 37.00.

    • Value is certainly in the eye of the beholder. At today 's ppps, I can't imagine thinking CAKE more attractive than PNRA. PE, PEG,debt, book value and growth all favor does balance sheet.
      As a value lover, just what do you look at? And please don't mention mangement. Have you watched CAKE stagnation over the past few years?

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      • kind of what I was getting at too....but I wanted to see exactly what values he defined for the two he liked.

        I saw CAKE popped today because of a take over possiblity.

        Grossly overvalued also implies to me like a big value gap...25 - 100 percent just to offer an opinion. I tried googling for some guidance as applied to stock prices...many uses, few quantitative definitions. On one hand the overvalued seems to imply getting near the limit on the upside....I could see that applied to PNRA back at 60...but at 35 ? My silly little rule for high flyers that I like, is to be interested at around 50 % of the high (though I have seen some recently drop to 30 % of high) I guess I decided it was around fair value when I bought.

        I seem to recall someone of note saying it is better to buy a good company at a fair price than a fair company at a great price....I think a lot of Panera as a product/service based on 5 years observing the stores and customer base, and personally eating there 1-2 times a week.

    • so how much you figure panra is overvalued ??

      I hadn't thought of Pnra as being hammered....I have only been in the stock for a month....but it's where it was when I first bought in. Todays price is where I rebought a few days ago (after selling most of the first buy)

      Aside from the "value" differences of the other two you mention, I notice they have all behaved (pps) quite similarly over the last 6 months...why are they now attractive when they were at similar prices earlier in the fall.....

    • <<<PFCB, CAKE, several fast casuals are starting to behave quite nicely.>>>

      That sentence is so typical of you. PFCB is down 8%; CAKE is up 8%. In your world of "I was short if it went down, long or on the sidelines if it went up, but don;t tell anybody" that really says it all.

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