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  • mrshortsale mrshortsale Nov 14, 2012 8:00 PM Flag


    Had a roast beef sandwich, bowl of tomato soup and a bottle of water... Was $15.02 with tax. i really couldn't believe it! i could have had a steak dinner at outback for the same price!!!!

    anyhow, i was looking to see if i missed anything on this company .... I didn't. all i saw at 1:00 pm today was a big store with lots and lots of overhead, too much stock in terms of finished bake goods that would not be sold within a day (day old bread is terrible by the way) and lots of people standing around in an untidy restaurant!!!

    therefore based on my financial analysis and experience today i shorted this turd today and will short it all the way to $0.00!!!!! This is the biggest "farce" of a restaurant concept i have seen other than chipolteeeessss grills!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • So eat at carl's, clinkbrain, and get the runs.

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    • You are right..the bakery stuff is always stale..mealsy portions and overpriced. This turd going under 100 soon.

    • The Panera by our house has gone downhill Big Time. At lunch we observed a clean-up employee wipe the floor with a rag then proceeded to wipe the table with the same rag. I won't be going back there again. Simply Disgusting!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • That is gross but it is sad to say that no matter where you go people will take short-cuts from time to time....when you let others prepare your food, you put yourself out there for that type of stuff. Get over it. As for PNRA, the one by me is always filled up. A meal is around 10 dollars and I personally think it's worth every penny. Not much of a wait, price is right, and no tip necessary = affordable, easy, and habit forming. You want to short a stock, don't pick PNRA with a CAP of 4.5B b/c it'll be 8B in the next 3-4 years. At least wait till then to try to get a long term short on it.

    • No way you could have bought a steak dinner at Outback for $15. Add in drink, tax, and tip and you are way over $20 per person easy and that is if you get the smallest/cheapest steak on the menu. I eat at Panera twice a week for lunch and occasionally for breakfast. For lunch I am always under $10 and for breakfast I am always under $6. Sure I could spend a buck or two less if I ate at McDonalds instead, but why when you can spend a buck or two more and get real good quality food instead of fried food from overly processed frozen fries and beef patties??

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    • this post is quite a reflection of your formative must make your folks proud. Are you invited home at the holidays ?

      you must be might full too...can't say I have seen anyone eat 15 bucks worth of lunch at panera's before...did you need a nap when you were done ?

    • Say what you want, but my wife and I look forward to going to Panera, I noticed it is usually humming with business. We like everything about our experience there. It didn't seem expensive. We always stop at the bakery. Middle class white folks seem to find it attractive and affordable. I bought at $115, got stopped out several times, learned a lesson just to hold it as they have alot of room to grow.

      Sentiment: Hold

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