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  • stocktrader8000 stocktrader8000 Aug 6, 2013 2:08 PM Flag


    CFO'S are very prudent with their money. Nice buy too, not little peanuts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Used to like going there until I found out their products are loaded with salt. If one were concerned about their health they should shy away from their food and as an investor I would not touch a stock that puts out an unhealthy product.

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      • Its a dead end.

      • Fast foods cannot replace home cooked foods. For low salt, I eat at Subway (Chicken breast). But it is not a listed company, so cannot buy their stock.

      • I thought the old adage about salt being bad for you was shown to be a bit over done. For two decades I avoided salt because I had border line high blood pressure. But since then doctors don't even ask about salt intake when I go (same BP). So, I stopped avoiding salt...not so scary really...just don't over do it.

        "health" means something different to almost everyone. I would say you are in a very small minority if you think eating at Panera is bad for your health. Interestingly, most every very picky "healthy" eater I know, doesn't excercise. Do you put in 4-8 hours per week or rely on your "healthy" eating instead.

        When we look to scientific studies both for heathy food, and excercise, there is little to nothing to show it impacts how long you live (much as I would like it too), but the quality of life we have until we die, that is most important....and I will eat good fresh foods, including Panera, and go on enjoying life (my definition of health)

        If I had a doctor that said avoid all risks, I would get a new doctor.

        I say everything is good in moderation...including Panera, and get out there and be active !

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