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  • rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv Apr 15, 1999 10:54 PM Flag

    Stop posting that CRAP!!

    What if it does get taken over. No way WCOM pays
    more than $40-$42 per/share, as stock has run up
    solely on takeover speculation and already incorporates
    a huge takeover premium. Then it is a stock deal,
    and WCOM shareholders hate the deal due to 25%
    dilution, so WCOM trades way down on the news, lowering the
    implied value on NXTL, i.e. NXTL ends up going down on
    the takeover news as WCOM shares worth less money. So
    if WCOM announces deal at $42, WCOm probably gets
    whacked 10%-20% stock price wise, and NXTL trades down
    commensurately. Notice every time takeover noise gtets hot and
    heavy, WCOM trades down $3/$4 just on the rumors. JMHO.

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    • I bought NXTL for one reason only, rumor of WCOM

      Anyway, take it from someone who learned
      the hard way, IF a WCOM buyout is annunced and the
      price moves to within 3-4 dollars of the purported
      purchase price (based on pooling formula) sit tight until
      you know the deal will go through.

      I was an
      MCI employee with 8000+ options with strike price of
      20-30. BT merger announced 1 year steps
      Bernie baby. End of story. I had to cash out on most of
      my stock b/c I left the company, but I still could
      have held on to plenty and I didn't b/c I "knew"
      (thought) the eventual sell price.

      Bottom line,
      don't be a damn bit surprised if WCOM acquisition price
      is in the 42-46 range; however, even if you only
      bought for short term play, let the transation run its
      course. Cant you just imagine BT (or some other foreign
      PTT) trying to screw WCOM on this one? That would be

    • before opening 36. After nato's news, kept going
      up. Volume came
      from institutions' trading.
      Investors started thinking
      nxtl does not need wcom,
      without wireless mci will have less profit. Pls go to a
      local office and you will feel this business
      really growing. They are doing the same thing egrp has
      been doing.

      • 1 Reply to NEWCONCEPT2K
      • The fact that NT&T's National Japan
        serves 33 Million customers on 23 MGHZ is
        not that
        surprising. In the U.S., about that
        many are hooked up on
        Air Touch's analog systems,
        which are being
        upgraded to digital. Digital
        Compression technology
        will get even more
        impressive in the near future.
        All digital
        systems can upgrade to new software
        when it
        becomes available. The games have just
        By the way, Asia's most distressed
        (Thailand + Indonesia) are enjoying 6.5 Per Cent
        tonight! Why is Deutsche Telecom raising
        all that cash?