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  • mauricethepantsman mauricethepantsman Sep 24, 2001 8:24 AM Flag

    TR/MM - long time, no "see"

    danpatchfan is absolutely correct in what he says. I have just been through the scenario of having an estate divided between three siblings. The estate was valued at the time of the death of the person who owned the stocks, mutual funds, and annuities. The lawyer who handled the probation of the will, and the subsquent estate, should have a detailed record of such, and your wife should have received an accounting of that through the lawyer, through registered mail at the time of setlement.

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    • by the way; Intuit also has software through Quicken where you can draw up a legal will.It's easy to use as long as it stays simple or the estate is fairly small. If the estate is larger or gets real complicated the software gets frustrating. If the will gets complicated, a lawyer is the answer and usually a "tax lawyer" as that's what most people want to save their estate from, the tax man.I was told that 59% of adults have no will, including me.INTU should make the public aware of the will software. Having a will made is on the top of my "to do list" and is getting easier to figure all the time with the market melt down. <REGARDS>

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