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  • joshs6732 joshs6732 Jan 17, 2003 12:45 PM Flag

    TT whiners on the take

    You know, when I see messages from folks like BF_1709 - who seems to have HOURS to do nothing but hang out on the boards conveniently cutting and pasting press releases and news stories from H&R Block - it makes it pretty clear who's behind all of these "complaints" about TT!

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    • Trick 11 --- Supermann states one day all Intuit management is stupid, next day they are too smart to make certain mistakes
      Trick 12 --- Supermann claims to not know what a short is, then blast the board with data as if he is auditioning for the "Boiler Room 2" movie.

    • Trick 7 --- Everyone with any kinda positive swing is a insider, has ZERO to do with the actual company or actual facts
      Trick 8 --- Supermann contradicts himself on a regular basis, then denies
      Trick 9 --- Supermann states Amazon as a factual resource, then when logic is put into place refers to everyone is an insider
      Trick 10 --- Supermann starts rumors of old CFO just suddenly retiring when was announced in Aug 02

    • Trick #1: Personal insult
      Trick #2: You are short (what ever than means)
      Trick #3: Anyone post valid information is the same person with multi alias. (oh, every negative reviews on is possiblly posted by the same guy).
      Trick #4: Get out of here!
      Trick #5: Common sense is nonesense.
      Trick #6: ..........

      For less than a month, I saw them all, so don't pay any attention to it. This is a free board for everyone, just voice your opinion and let the investors hear everything.

      (oh, by the way, they are insiders, not long term investors.)

    • yeah, keep believe whatever you want to believe.

    • Not even worthy of a response.

    • Ok Mr.optvolatility Mr.flame_bait_on_steroid Mr.media_sheep... Intereting you now have 3 names, its odd how you posted as media_sheep I barely read it and came back and had 2 recommendations... I hate to assume and be a *ss, but looks kinda odd. Also you say don't assume, but under Alias Mr. flame_bait_on_steriod you assume there was nothing at all out there about Intuit removing any activation after Oct 16th. You know I love you bashers you preach and preach yet you don't even follow your own advice, yet you preach and preach.... I tell you what you and your 3 aliases need to coordinate much better.

    • >First of all looks like "flame_bait_on_steroid" is your other screen name here correct?

      Don't ASSUME anything that you don't know about, it just make you look like an *ss. That first post of mine was my first ever on INTU group because I was interested in the Oct 16 date. Like a lot of people, I was a paid customer of Intuit since 1998 but this year I am on the sideline to see how this pan out. I kept all my back year software and data files and there are already 3-4 instances where I have to print my back year taxes.

      Intuit turbotax FAQ is a everchanging creature. Just today they added a bullet for how to remove safecast from the system. There are 30-40 bullets now. I read the FAQ earlier in January and there is nothing mentioning about the Oct 16 date then (and it only had ~10 bullets). This Oct 16 date is not by design and is more of an afterthought in response to the growing customer concern. Read the sentence: "TurboTax 2002 products that currently require product activation will be activated free of charge starting October 16, 2003,". It does not say 'no need to activate'. You still need to activate with Intuit to get it installed.

    • No, I have not posted anything under any other names and am slightly ashamed of myself for putting a flame-like response here as it detracts from the real discussion.

      From the volume of negative comments by customers appearing here and in other venues, it appears that Intuit did not fully understand the implications of putting software to limit piracy or unauthorized use of its product (which I agree all businesses need to attack) on a very successful piece of software that engenders loyal customers to purchase year after year without question (same way I am loyal to Skippy peanut butter). That repeat business really is a killer-app!

      However, people are returning the product. I returned it because I couldn't install it on my machine and was quite frustrated to be in contact with tech support for more than an hour. Others have returned it because they are opposed to the privacy issues brought up by the use of the activation software.

      It is my opinion and contention that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in customer dissatisfaction related to all of this. There really is some valuable information content in that Intuit removed the "Contact Us" icon from its homepage (which I don't even know to be a fact as I have not looked).

      This is a product that sells mostly in the late quarter. If the problems raised at this early point aren't addressed and corrected the problems of the core customer, Joe Sixpack, are going to have serious repercussions for Intuit. We are all smart enough to realize whether those repercussions will be positive or negative.

    • First of all looks like "flame_bait_on_steroid" is your other screen name here correct? Thats odd if your too busy to read, then have your other screen name do it for you....

      You say you can't find it anywhere?? Msg(18468)Nor Intuit mentions it?? Where do you define anywhere, I assumed for one that might include going online to check articles or intuit's support site....

      As for comparing peanut butter to tax software, that makes sense so much in common I can see we have a real analyst here like supermann.....

    • I guess I have to apologize. I did not realize that as a customer I need to check out the FAQ section on a website before I purchase it. Nor did I realize that I would have to subject the box containing the same software I've purchased for several years to rigorous examination of the fine print appearing on it.

      Glad I found this responsibility I have as a customer out because the wife asked me to pick up some peanut butter on the way home. I've been loyal to the same peanut butter for years (geez, just like my loyalty to the tax software I've used -- guess I have taken that loyalty part of the boy scout oath to heart) but tonight I'm going to spend some serious time with the magnifying glass going over that Skippy label!

      Hey, if customer dissatisfaction isn't something that should be taken account of in a stock price I have really erred.

      (What's embicil? sounds like some drug name for the product paranoid schizophrenics like you might be gulping by the fistful.)

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