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  • barrys7 barrys7 Feb 16, 2004 2:56 PM Flag

    Problems Installing Turbo Tax

    Bad news for INTU - after exchanging the software at Office Depot twice for TurboTax (tax year 2003), the software fails to install on my new computer running Windows XP (even after trying all the alternate methods suggested by TurboTax support.

    This is the first time I've ever not been able to install software on this system, and I've installed many programs without a glitch.

    I fired Turbo TAx for tax year 2002 because of the extremely poor decision by Intuit to lock the software to a computer and used Tax Cut by HR Block which did not try this tactic.

    This year I wanted to go back to Turbo Tax. Big Mistake.

    Not only will the software not load, but the instructions on the Turbotax support center give instructions to check for 32-bit driver that don't work for windows XP, in my experience.

    I've wasted enough time today trying to get this falty product to load on my computer and I refuse to spend 60 minutes on hold for customer service, so I'm driving back to Office Depot for the third time and exchanging TurboTax for Tax Cut.

    Goodbye TurboTax, you lose a customer because your product doesn't work.

    Hello Tax Cut.

    Short INTU and go long HR Block?


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    • On 2/19 I stated "perhaps a few more dollars of downside to go" with INTU at $45. At $43 I would close out any short position as the downside stock price action I expected has occurred.

      I'm not recommending this stock as long, just stating that the easy money on the short side has been made. Time to move on the other opportunities.

    • then if you have put me on ignore you will not see that I state here for all to see that you are a liar and that you post reckless slander.

      Oh, but you have put me on ignore so you will not see this, you reckless, mindless idiot.

    • Hey TaxCut sales rep. I don't really think that any body that uses this board for what it was meant for is going for any of your hype. You need to go on MS board and tell them what a great job you think you have done putting down Intuit and their TurboTax. I am send this and I am putting you and your ignorant comments on ignore. Oh by the way, Intuit can not put quality control on ignorant people such as your self.

    • Again, you try to evade the issue of quality control of Inuit's TurboTAx CDs.

      I'm not going anywhere and I really doubt you're going to put anyone on ignore.

    • >>>when Peachtree IS THE BETTER PRODUCT.

      It simply doesn't matter.

      DOS, Windows, VHS, etc all had competitors that had better products. When something becomes the standard, it really doesn't matter whether or not it is "the best".

      QuickBooks is the standard among small businesses and is widely supported by accountants. Thus, it remains the best choice.

    • >>>Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away ...

      Let's find out by putting you on ignore.

    • Yes, Virgina, there is more than one time zone! I hope this isn't a complete surprise to you.

      I find it strange how you continue to ignore that fact that all other CDs load perfectly on my PC (except, of course, the TurboTax CDs).

      Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away ... and INTU keeps cracking.

      Perhaps a few more dollars of downside to go.

    • i agree to that help the poor must not have much of a life tax loading 101

    • hay berry7 do everyone a favor in the future download it from the web site end the bullshit

    • >>>I just wonder if by the slightest coincidence your lovey dovely stock

      I just wonder how bad one's life must be if they have no interest in a stock and can find nothing better to do than post on an investment board in the middle of the night.

      Send me your information Barry and I will prepare your tax return for free. I'm all for helping the less fortunate.

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