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  • stockwoodie stockwoodie Mar 8, 2005 11:52 AM Flag

    Sunset Policy - MS Money

    Did you get a Sunset Policy Notice for Quicken 2002? Were you happy about it?

    Me either.

    I've been using Quicken since 1995 and I have been happy with the Product/Intuit until I received my Sunset Policy notice. I've upgraded Quicken a total of 3 times (98, 2000, 2002), plus my original purchase, however, I don't like to be forced to upgrade.

    This was crossing the line for me.

    My new computer had Money 2005 installed on it from the factory, so I decided to give it a try (be sure to backup your Quicken files first).

    All of my information was imported successfully. I had to make a few minor changes that took about 15 minutes. I also had to figure out where all the information I typically look at was located. This was not difficult, nor did it keep me from entering new transactions. I set up reports and customization with ease.

    All in all, I'm happy with Money 2005 and would recommend switching if your unhappy with Intuit's Sunset Policy. It was a piece of cake.


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    • >>Guess what? Intuit will not get revenue from me.

      Guess what?

      They weren't going to anyway moron. That's the exact basis of your complaint.

      Now go cry on the MS board. You will fit right in...

    • Holy incessant blather! Stockwoodie, I thought you were gonna hook up with janeK and spend some quality time together!

      You could give each other an appreciative earful of, um, whogivesacrap....


    • I appreciate your opinion. I don't actually complain too much unless I feel I'm being strong armed or treated unfairly. Sob. Sob.

      I may not be a loyal as Stu (I'm sure you upgrade your Quicken EVERY year), but I have purchased 4 copies of Quicken Deluxe over the years. That may not be what you consider loyal, but it is revenue that Intuit will no longer receive from me (and from the looks of it, a whole lot of other unloyal customers). As a stock holder, I would be concerned about how unhappy MANY people are about the Sunset Policy. As a stock holder, I would contact Investor Relations and see what is being done to accommodate unhappy customers. Hmmm...

      Once again, the price is not the issue. It's the manner in which the Sunset Policy was potrayed/handled. If I know my software is going to "expire" 2 years from date of installation, I'm okay with it. If I'm told, "Upgrade or else your SOL," or "We're going to cancel your online subscriptions whenever we feel like it," I'm not okay with it. Can you comprehend the difference?

      TurboTax is not my concern, but if a lot of people are having difficulties installing TurboTax, maybe Intuit should address the problem. There are many things a software company can do to make installations easier, even if there are Firewalls and Virus Protection enabled.

      >>> and the software gurus complaining about QIF being absent from Quicken 2005 even though it was widely publicized and nobody forced them to change.
      Actually, Intuit tried to "Force" me to upgrade to 2005 (of course, I would have upgraded to 2004 through EBAY for $10-15, but many other may not know better), but I decided to go with MS Money 2005. What do you mean when you say widely publicized?

      Guess what? Money imports QIF files just fine.
      Guess what? Money will expire in 2 years, and I know that.
      Guess what? Intuit will not get revenue from me.


    • >>>I have also contacted the appropriate departments at Intuit.

      The really funny part is that idiots like you don't realize what idiots you are...

      You claim to be a "loyal" customer even though you readily admit that you haven't bought the product for YEARS.

      You claim that you are upset with a Sunset policy and therefore are going to switch to a software that has... guess what.. a sunset policy.

      The REALITY is that Intuit needed this policy exactly BECAUSE of idiots like you who were costing them money but not providing them with any additional revenue.

      Everyone here knows that you could have solved your little problem by simply buying Quicken 2003 or 2004 for $5 on ebay. The fact is that you just want something to complain about. Right Mr. Woodie?

      Well congrats. You've complained. Now get on with your pathetic existence.

      While your at it, take all these folks who can't install/update TurboTax because they are too stupid to disable firewalls and virus protection software.... and the software gurus complaining about QIF being absent from Quicken 2005 even though it was widely publicized and nobody forced them to change.


    • Thanks for your productive feedback.

      I have posted in the Quicken Forums. I have also contacted the appropriate departments at Intuit.


    • > I have already sent snail mail and email messages to contacts at Intuit.

      But did you ask on where you will find people who might have the information to respond to your complaints?

      You're obviously not finding much sympathy in a stock-trading forum. You might want to try a Quicken support forum instead.

      You can even chime in on this thread:

    • Woodie - I'll take the 20 oz. Daniel's Delmonico with the peppercorn brandy sauce, rare. And a beefeater martini, straight up, olives. FTC

      I'll leave a big tip too with all the profits INTU has afforded me.

    • I used to live in Bellevue, which is a hop, skip and a jump from Microsofts Redmond campus. I think Microsoft is what you were eluding to, right? I have never been affiliated to Microsoft in any manner whatsoever (unless affiliated means running Money 2005 on a computer using Windows XP, or playing hours of Halo 2 on my XBOX).

      Now I'm in San Diego, CA and still have no affiliation with Microsoft. Maybe I'm secretly an Intuit advocate since I live in CA and Intuit has 3 offices in CA, including their Corporate Headquarters.

      If you want to express your concern about the Intuit Sunset Policy, please feel free to contact one of my CA offices below.


      Corporate Headquarters
      2632 Marine Way
      Mountain View, CA 94043

      San Diego, CA
      6220 Greenwich Dr.
      San Diego, Ca 92122

      Santa Rosa, CA
      Construction Business Solutions
      (Intuit Master Builder)
      110 Stony Point Rd. Suite 200
      Santa Rosa, CA 95401

    • stockwoodie -

      Spend a lot of time in Bellevue, huh?

      Isn't there a big software company out of Bellevue, WA?

    • >>> Gene - again, why are you here?
      You may want to read message 24281 again...the reason I'm here is explained in more detail.

      >>> Unload your pious rants at the Quicken support website; here, you come across as a whiny stock-basher (even though you claim you don't own one penny of Intuit stock).
      I have already sent snail mail and email messages to contacts at Intuit. If I come across as ranting, sorry. I'm just expressing my opinion.

      >>> And how many times can satisfied investors and users of Quicken accuse you of being cheap?
      Looks like we're up to at least 4. Maybe it's the satisfied investors that are doing all the ranting?


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