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  • micek888 micek888 Aug 29, 2007 10:09 AM Flag


    whether they are scamming people to upgrade to the so called latest quickbooks (its been stated that the older programs actually work better) to feeding them bullshit about the tax tables (one can actually download the tables for free and on should know that they do not change month to month )

    funny thing is that its MORE expensive to purchase directly from the company rather to go sams club, costco, office depot etc

    finally they outsource everything and frankly talking to india sux

    hopefully someone will come along and steal market share from these turkeys cuz internally they brag about the stranglehold on the small biz market

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    • As a CPA specializing in small business, he is right....but QuickBooks does have a strangle on the market for small business accounting. Dealing with Intuit is a royal pain, but we do it, because nobody is there to fill the void. They seem to be having issues on their business tax software (which I unfortunately use), but Turbo Tax is a good product and QuickBooks rules the small business accounting world, so until someone else comes along, it seems to me that people will still be buying their products.

    • well today Intuit has disconnected us after waiting 30+ minutes for tech support 3x.
      called presidents office and got cut off there as well.

      Brad, darling, apparently even your executive reponse team can't get your team on the page of providing customer support. SInce you cannot properly manage this company - maybe you should give your two weeks?

    • AVOID Intuit and its Innovative Merchant Solutions!!

      The following are FACTS related to my experience with them:

      1) They play sneakery with contract terms. They have a merchant agreement that makes reference to a website document that is loaded with secondary terms. This website document is completely in their control and you have no way to lock in a frozen copy showing terms at the time you sign up with them as you NEVER specifically SIGN a copy of the website document.

      2) included in the sneaky secondary terms not called out in the main document that you sign is a termination fee that they claim they can charge you no matter how long you have been using their services when you decide to end services with them even if you go out of business.

      3) They agreed to waive the termination fee when trying to keep my business away from a competitor and they breached this agreement when I terminated services.

      4) They created duplicate accounts for me resulting in double bills and it took several months and several rounds of my contacting them to get this rectified and they offered nothing for my time an energy spent on this issue that was 100% their fault only.

      5) They like to charge you fees that are NOT disclosed in your monthly statement, you only find them as deductions on your bank statment. I found an annual fee this way. I had no knowledge an annual fee even existed. They waived this when they agreed to waive termination fees.

      Due to the above, I advise the following:

      a) check the standard contract laws in your state to see if terms such as the ones IMS likes to hide in its website addendum can be null and void due to their being deal breakers(meaning had IMS specifically covered the term with you, you would have NOT signed up for them).

      b) never accept any verbal confirmations from IMS. Get it in writing as they seem to have a habit of breaching verbal agreements per my own experience with them and per the complaints I viewed on the BBB website.

    • Bob,

      Printing MY return on MY printer with MY toner is NOT a service. I don't think that you even grasp, how ridiculous you sound. NOBODY is or ever was questioning your right to charge for providing service related to e-file (first or any attempt),which you seem to suggest. EVERYBODY is PISSED for having to pay for the "RIGHT" to PRINT. It doesn't cost your company ANYTHING for me to generate additional PDF or print additional copy of another return. Only efling does. I hope this is very clear to you. Suggesting that it is, is simple untrue, it is a fraud! I suggest you find different line of work if you don't get it - selling used cars, could be the thing for you, Bob.

      It takes a brave person to recognize mistake, you have not done it yet. Sooner or later you will, but it WILL cost Intuit big money. You, and some of the religious followers, think that this will blow over. It will NOT. I will make sure to spend next few weekends at Fry's and Costco to make sure that people don't buy your products (Quicken included). I will do it until I hear that your company revered your decision, and provides a download fix for 2008 TT. So Bob, tick, tock, tick, tock ..

    • HUH??

    • BOB,
      Your 2008 version of TT has many unwanted ad ons, (e-file), printing costs, (If I want more than one copy), additional fee's for my son's tax. I am history with TT.
      Tax Cut is my first inclination to buy for 2008. Since this is a 'rah-rah' board for INTUI don't expect too many favorable replies. But check out what people are saying on to TurboTax 2008 and see for yourself the 1 star rating (out of 5), and how angry your ex-consumers are. You are no longer selling software, you are selling a service. What say you BOB? Please aupine. Make it pithy.

    • They are forcing their customers to buy other products for their income taxes for the year 2008. They are charging you a forced efiling fee, whether you use it or not, a reprint fee for your own taxes, an addional fee for a relatives taxes. Bye bye TT, hello Tax Cut. Intuit is a good short buy, based on their pricing structure for 2008 income taxes.
      A former TT user for the past 12 years.

    • Jo... Yes, having to figure out your basis is a PITA (took me a few seconds to figure this one out!), even for relatively simple splits. You describe a fairly complex set of corporate transactions and our Cost Basis calculator will be able to handle your situation. I think you'll find TurboTax will deliver tons of value for you vs. having to do this manually 'cause I don't think any other programs do this.

      Jo, I too was an e-file holdout. I was too cheap to pay the fee and I never got a refund anyway. But one year I tried it and have never gone back even though I still pay the fee out of my own pocket. I e-file and then save a PDF of my return. No paper, no mailing, no stapling, no signatures, etc. To me the elimination of these hassles alone was worth the fee. Now as you mention, federal e-file is included in the price of TurboTax.

      You can continue to create scenarios, alternatives, what-if cases, etc. without being charged. The only time you are charged is when you print or e-file the return. You can create as many tax files as you like and save them. By the way, I encourage you to use the What-if Worksheet to do scenario planning. It's much, much easier than creating separate tax files plus it creates your "base case" from your existing data.

      I hope that information helps Jo.

      Bob Meighan
      VP, TurboTax

    • Thanks, I did that too. Just was hoping Bob was still around and would give me/us chapter and verse.

    • TurboTax has a user community. You'll probably get a quicker answer and more insight by posting software related questions there.

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