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  • boggy4062 boggy4062 Nov 27, 2008 3:38 AM Flag



    The fact that you include all forms which are required to file a tax is (a ... basic requirement for your tax preparation product) should not be even discussed by you Bob. If you DIDN'T do it, your competition WOULD, and NOBODY would buy TT. Is this too difficult for you to grasp? Maybe you are way off your league, and place as far as your title is concerned? BTW, you DO have different level of form support in your TurboTax product line, did you know that? They are called, TT Basic, TT Deluxe, TT Premium, and TT Home and Business. So your anxiety about "giving away" free forms can be put to rest, Bob.

    Issue of may, or may not use software.... If presumably "extra" features of your products are NOT being used, then ... again ... it is NOT OUR fault! You provided USELESS features as "standard",and expect customers to pay for them? To remind you, that efiling for MANY (yours truly including) has NO REAL value WHAT SO EVER, so charging me for it is just ... stupid and dishonest. You knew that (by your efiling server analysis),so you decided to get "smart". It ain't working, Bob! I don't need it (used it only one time), million of others don't either. We want all the IRS folks that have the job of loading our tax returns, keep it (efling will eliminate them, you know). Bring BASIC features back, i.e. printing as many of my returns as we want, and start charging for efiling for those who need it. I can only wonder how much this fiasco is going to cost Intuit this time. In 2003 it was enough for stock to plunged 35%+ in few weeks (may 2003, if you don't remember).

    It is so "precious" to read your revelations of internal Intuit decision logic: screw millions, because "few" JUST get to print dozens of returns by a software that they actually paid for. OK... With this logic, Microsoft could charge me for printing extra money for every document past first.... What a brilliant idea! Why didn't Bill Gates come up with this by now?
    Let me call Steven Ballmer with this one! Maybe, he will send me a MS Money for it?
    Bob, it is evident that during your "brain storming" sessions at Intuit, included a lot of desperate to keep their jobs "yes-men" around. You need to "expand" your team for people that ACTUALLY care about success, and are NOT afraid to tell you, or your bosses the truth. Instead of coming out with REAL added value to make TT successful, you guys decided to put a "screw" to us, and praying that it is going to work. WRONG!

    One day, Intuit is going to be studied for its incompetence and how to win a "quickest-way-to-loose-a-customer" race. Congrats ...

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all people all the times, Bob.
    Since Intuit decided to be disloyal to its customers, it is a payback time. Rest assure, it ain't gonna be pleasant for you and other INTC execs. I would not be counting on any bonus this or next year.

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