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  • bruce94588 bruce94588 Mar 11, 2008 10:54 PM Flag

    Class action lawsuit? Poor biz practices

    I would expect, if it is not already in place, a class action lawsuit against Intuit based on the lack of technical support for the soon-to-be expiring total support for Quicken 2005 April 30, 2008. In addition, the practice of requiring software "upgrade" to Quicken 2008 without any substantial change in how the software operates.

    I have Quicken 2005, and a month ago I began to get notices from Quicken informing me and all other users they will no longer support the software after April. In order to continue using the software for financial data, you must purchase the "upgrade" Quicken 2008.

    I know those of you who hold this stock would say "great! more revenue" but it sends a bad signal to the consumer, and the users are pissed off big time, many will switch to another software.

    That is bad enough, but this is still early March... and my stock prices no longer get updated each day. Is it May yet? No. They just cut off support to "encourage" users to switch over sooner, I suppose.

    TurboTax is bad enough with the additional fee just to e-file, H&R does not do that! Piss poor.

    Sadly, Intuit will piss off enough users that eventually there will be no more Intuit. I suppose Netsuite and Salesforce will replace Quickbooks, too.

    So if you own this turkey, better get out soon. Meanwhile, are there any good class action lawyers out there?

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    • Its called and its "free".

    • Totally agree...this shItty sofware screwed me two years in a row..never again. THe software is terrible and the service even comically bad...I've saved some on line chats....pathetic....they obviously just try to bs people (I have an accounting degree...).

    • Alll customer service is in new delhi. you cannot speak to anyone in the united states!!!!!!

    • Great post!

      I have used Quicken for my business and personal accounting for over 10 year. The quality improved for the first few years. Then the quality stayed the same but the complexity increased. Now are in a new era. The new Quicken 2008 is an abomination. It functions like a bad 1980’s accounting program. This must be an embarrassment to Intuit. I hope heads roll in the valley of the geeks.
      Where can I join the class action suit against Quicken for this monstrosity?

    • Ah, another socialist that wants free service forever.

      First, you can continue to use the software forever and without upgrading. At least until Microsoft makes a version of Windows that breaks old programs.

      You only need to upgrade if you want to do automatic upgrades or use one of their paid services such as BillPay. These services cost money to maintain and every additional version they support increases their personnel costs.

      If you want to avoid this in the future, you should consider a monthly subscription to Quicken Online. It is a low price per month and you always have the most up-to-date version of the software.

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      • Actually I agree with the poster. Intuit is disabling these programs much too fast. a 2005 program being disabled in 3 years?

        What if you didn't get the software until 2006? Software should come with an expiration date if they are going to continue this process of obsolescence and disabling.

        The Payroll functions get disabled.
        The downloading of Stock information from your bank gets disabled.
        The transfer file into other programs gets disabled.

        Older versions of quicken worked for 9 years before Intuit stopped providing support, why is the time table suddenly been pushed up to 3 years???


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