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  • giveitsomethought giveitsomethought Dec 11, 2008 1:57 PM Flag

    New Pricing on Turbo Tax

    Just noticed that the pricing on TT is up in 2009. E filing is now included but the price has gone up by the $15 dollars they charged last year.

    More troubling is that you are now charged $10 additional for each return beyond the first. As I do my Mother's and my two daughters this is an added $30 charge. Even worse during preparation of my return and during the next year I create multiple what if returns to test my projected taxes and the impact of different what - ifs. I would say another $50.

    I am considering switching to Tax Cut, but with all the history in Turbo Tax, that will not be easy to do. Given the difficulty in swithing which I am leaning towards, when I do switch I am lost forever.

    Not a good scenario for the stockholders. Management seems out of their mind. To put a 5 return limit might make some sense - at least it would only penalize those that are using it professionally and they are already making more than the $10 to pay for it.


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    • It will be enjoyable to watch this dog drop in share price steadily. I have no direct experience with the Tax software but it is clear they have issues there and their using Innovative Merchant Solutions for credit card processing will also cost them as IMS doesn't hesitate to breach verbal contracts and is acting like a business that is desparate for every penny it can get.

    • gone from turbotax to taxcut due to their arrogance.

    • Tax Cut will import all of that "History" that you talk about into their program. No problem, just buy the better product for the money, Tax Cut.


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      • Thank you for the info. I am glad there is an alternative.

        Following is a note written to Intuit before I saw your response. Will make it much easier for me to switch.

        Was going to buy TT on Amazon. Have been a customer since the 90s. Suprisingly, I noticed a 1 star rating and read the reviews.

        Needless to say, I am disappointed in your pricing changes but most specifically the one that requires an added payment of $10 for printing each added return. I do my mother’s return and those of my two daughters. Even more depressing, I have on my computer 10 "what if tax returns" that I did to see how a section of the code worked or to plan tax strategy for 2008. This would be another $100 but in reality is just in support of largely my return and use of the program.

        I was mad when you changed the terms about 6 years ago to allow only one computer because besides my home desktop, I always installed on my laptop so I could do my mom's return when I visited her in NYC. I sucked it up and did the return on my computer when I got home. I did not switch because it is not easy to do.

        This new policy is OUTRAGEOUS however. I am going to delay buying the product and if the policy is not changed by the time I need to buy, I will switch to TAX CUT.

        Because of the switching costs, if I do change, I will be gone forever. It is too difficult to switch and I am not going to come back if you change the policy next year as I suspect you will.

        I could live with a limit of 10 returns as it would only add cost to those who use the product professionally.

        Why did you do this? Please let me know you are going to change it back, but if not I am gone. I DO NOT LIKE BEING RIPPED OFF!!

        I await your response.

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