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  • REASONTHIS REASONTHIS Dec 30, 2008 11:37 AM Flag

    AVOID Intuit and its Innovative Merchant Solutions!!

    AVOID Intuit and its Innovative Merchant Solutions!!

    The following are FACTS related to my experience with them:

    1) They play sneakery with contract terms. They have a merchant agreement that makes reference to a website document that is loaded with secondary terms. This website document is completely in their control and you have no way to lock in a frozen copy showing terms at the time you sign up with them as you NEVER specifically SIGN a copy of the website document.

    2) included in the sneaky secondary terms not called out in the main document that you sign is a termination fee that they claim they can charge you no matter how long you have been using their services when you decide to end services with them even if you go out of business.

    3) They agreed to waive the termination fee when trying to keep my business away from a competitor and they breached this agreement when I terminated services. When I contacted them to end services, they never made any mention that I would be charged a fee, they merely asked for me to fax my request to end services so I assumed they were honoring their verbal agreement to waive termination fee. Instead, they sneakily deducted it from my bank account.

    4) They created duplicate accounts for me resulting in double bills and it took several months and several rounds of my contacting them to get this rectified and they offered nothing for my time an energy spent on this issue that was 100% their fault only.

    5) They like to charge you fees that are NOT disclosed in your monthly statement, you only find them as deductions on your bank statment. This prevented me from even having an invoice from them showing the charge for my accounting records. I only had the sneaky band deduction to show the charge.

    I found an annual fee this way. I had no knowledge an annual fee even existed. They waived this when they agreed to waive termination fees.

    Due to the above, I advise the following:

    a) check the standard contract laws in your state to see if terms such as the ones IMS likes to hide in its website addendum can be null and void due to their being deal breakers(meaning had IMS specifically covered the term with you, you would have NOT signed up for them).

    b) never accept any verbal confirmations from IMS. Get it in writing as they seem to have a habit of breaching verbal agreements per my own experience with them and per the complaints I viewed on the BBB website.

    c) strongly consider doing business with someone else for credit card services as it appears there are many out there with better rates and handle discussion of fees in a much more upfront honest manner.

    All of the above are FACTS that I experienced DIRECTLY and have since learned there are many others with similar experiences in reviewing BBB complaints and the ripoffs website.

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    • Don't I need to have a tirade to have another tirade? I just simply repeat my message, calm and collected and consistant.

      I didn't resort to the name calling and emotional fits, you did. Note the subject of this discussion....nope, sorry, not my subject line. I do enjoy that you couldn't ignore me even if you tried. Thank you for keeping this thread alive, that is all I really are smart enough to realize that aren't you....possibly not.....

    • Think what you like. I'm not intimidated by your efforts to shove YOUR truth down my throat. Seriously. Think what you like. I'm just sitting back amazed at how charged up YOU get about this. I state facts according to me, and you feel it necessary to launch another tirad. Fun times. Which one of us do you think will have the heart attack first? I'll give you one guess and it's not me. Cheers.

    • You don't like it when I point out your posts don't make sense? Can't go to the bank with shares of INTU, can only do it when you SELL the shares and deposit MONEY. Good for you to admit that this pig is nothing more than a TRADING STOCK. Sell in October, repeat.....not rocket science.....this is not something worthy of INVESTING as one has to assume INTU management is as dishonest as IMS management and dishonesty has a cost in the long and see....

      I will leave the name calling to you as you are clearly highly emotionally charged about this......REASON, mission accomplished, just like seeing this thread stay active as again, all REASON wants to do is get the word out about DIRECT experience with IMS which has been supported by Better Business Bureau complaints and complaints on

    • You poor deluded man. Just because I don't feel the need to explain my finances to you doesn't mean that I'm lying. It's funny how you demand that everyone believe everything you are saying is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH but you insist that anything everyone else says is a lie. I hope you don't run your entire life that way....on the other hand, I guess if you live your entire life thinking that you're right about everything I guess it's not a bad way to have an incredible sense of entitlement that no one else would dare have.
      So I guess it’s really the people around you I feel sorry for. You’re probably happy as a clam…

    • You can't MAKE money until you sell. Please tell us specifically when you sold and why? Otherwise, you are full of the hot air I say you are. I LOVE being right! Face it, you are like all of the other losers stuck in this thing down from the 30 something that you paid to get it and are praying to get back to even to dump it. Not one of you loud mouths declared you were BUYING at $25, all talk no action. Yet, I never came here to discuss trading this pig, the dialogue went there when the over-emotional pig holders got offended when I reported FACTS about how IMS does business.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this pig rises to October then drops like a rock. It is the easiest trading stock on the market but it doesn't change the FACTS about the crooks who run IMS!!!

    • Well, I don't know about anyone else here but I'm sure glad my "pig" is getting fat...if this is what you mean by a "pig" then hey, it's not such a bad thing is it? :) I've made PLENTY of money off this stock over the last 5+ years and plan on making more. If you want to sit and moan and groan all day long that's up to you, but I for one am satisfied.

    • Wow, the concern and outcry by overemotional investors in this pig is amazing! Get over yourselves. Attacking me personally when I bring you FACTS as substatiated by the BBB website and means you are way too emotional about your investment here.

      If you are not buying this pig all while holding your faint hopes that this is going to quickly head to $40, then your actions are NOT supporting your words which shows INTU shares are in weak hands. Wait til the other shoe drops, let's see how many weak hands keep holding on with ridiculous personal attacks of me here.

      REASON is flattered by all of the attention, you can't look away if you tried. The clowns who held ORACLE from 90 down to 10 didn't listen to REASON either.....that was long before any market crash....

    • I hope EVERYTHING in your life isn't as sad as your attitude here. I'm sure I won't gain the support of everyone on this board when I say this, but I feel sorry for you.

    • Wow REASONTHIS...

      Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour is fixable by seeing a shrink. My advice is go see one.

    • Aw, so cute that you worry so much about me and the 38 seconds I spend per day here all while you are not saying anything to the folks who also post here every day who whisper sweet nothings in your ear about how wonderful this pig smells.

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