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  • x993231 x993231 Mar 19, 2009 1:56 PM Flag

    Quick Book 2009 is FLAWED

    Quick Books 2009 is a FLAWED product, released WAY too soon. I’m just a small business owner but it is screwing up my accounting and the maze that they put you thorough to notify them of a problem/flaw appears to be designed to trip you up so that you can not register a complaint. Therefore if they register less complaints management will think that they are doing a great job. STAY AWAY FROM QB2009, once you upgrade you can not go back to a product that works.

    I’d go as far to say that whoever designed it starts cutting his lawn from the middle and not the outside, lol.

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    • Why doesn’t Quickbooks display the Online, Current, and Ending balance on the bottom of the Register like they do in Quicken?

      I had to jump back and forth between screens to find a lousy 109.00 error and I’ll have to wait until the end of the month but it looks like Quickbooks 2009 lost another entry. (they lost 3 last month) If I call the help line all they say is “just manually enter the transaction, we’ll look into it and when we fix the bug we will post it on the web site, just keep checking our web site so that you know when we corrected the problem”.

      WTF this is total B.S.

      I hate to bash your stock but I don’t know where else to report problems.

      I’m not going to pay them to report the problems with their software.

    • x,
      if your only complaint is that you think the software is overzealous in protecting your data, I wouldn't call that a problem - I'd call it healthy. Get a grip, or grab a pencil.

    • I love my 2009 QBs. For the most part on this thread you are just talking to yourself...

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      • HEY I was finally able to cancel my support plan, it took me an hour but I did it.
        They are still trying to figure out why I haven’t received my CD for back up purposes yet but they are going to try again, this is the forth time. Coming UPS.

        They have solved about 1 problem out of 10.

        Just wrote the V.P. Customer service so hopefully it will help. Good luck with these guys. If quickbooks was my employee I would have fired em on day 2.

        I’m telling you that whoever designed Quick Books 2009 starts mowing their yard from the middle, lol. Later

    • Hey good news they fixed ONE problem. Now I can see the register and the online window at the same time. Wow, one down about 42 fixes to go. Oh customer service did not tell me, I discovered it on my own.


    • Does anyone know how I can cancel my Quickbooks Support plan without having to go through the computers stupid menu and waiting on hod for a half hour? The support plan is a waste of money because all that I’m doing is pointing out flaws to them. They are not supporting me. When I point out a flaw they simply say thanks we’ll work on it. No help, No we’ll send you an email when it is fixed.


      Went to a convention yesterday, I told every small business there to stay away from QB2009. I never should have upgraded from 2008, what a mistake.

    • Since 1996 my Quick Book Balance has always matched, but it is off by a little over a hundred bucks now, no big deal but you can not see the balances on different balances on the same page. WTF

      Why I need to go for help is beyond me. It is like driving for 10 years buying a new car and then the car company tells you that it is your problem that you can not drive their car and need to pay for lessons because they moved the Gas, Brake, Light Switch and uh, oh now the turn signals work automatically for you, even when you are backing up, lol.

      OK as instructed I go for help, but in order to get help I need my user ID, so from the Quickbooks 2009 I request my user ID, Intuit sends me an email with 4 different user ID’s. I guess they are based on 4 different versions of Quickbooks and Quicken over the years. WTF, this is a software company, why can’t they send me the ID for QuickBooks 2009, or why did they make me change my user ID every time I bought a new version of Quickbooks?

      So, I requested that it reset my password, I get an email with a new password, great but the user ID and new password are for a different version of QuickBooks. THIS IS NONSENSE. Does Quickbooks/Intuit work for the customer or does the customer work for Quickbooks?

      Don’t get me wrong I think that Quicken is a Great product, but Quick books is F upped.

      These guys are loosing it and so am I. Just venting

    • I don't know about this..Mine works fine. Few changes since I upgraded from the Quickbooks pro 2007 but other than that it works great. Could be either operator error or computer error. I have not had any issues that have not been fixed, having a support plan is key to getting all the help you need. I have it and use it. Quickbooks 2009 rocks..

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