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  • stockup1000 stockup1000 Oct 24, 2009 6:17 PM Flag


    The experience of calling in and ending up in the PHILLIPINES is horrible! The customer experince is ridiculous, and the language barrier is a joke. Outsourcing is an underhanded practice, not to mention a slap to the faces of American businesses like mine and even your own American employees!

    I predict a strong backlash for this greed. In this tough US economy and many Americans looking for work you send us to the Phillipines for a poor dirty experience? American businesses and American shareholders will not tolerate this dispicable practice!

    I challenge everyone out there to stand up and raise your voice against this filthy dispicable practice! I am taking my business and my money elsewhere INTUIT. Who's with me?

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    • they worry about web presence,then go with DRIV...

    • Well said.

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      • The thing that bothers me about statements like this is that it so often comes from someone who has no problem buying Chinese made merchandise at Walmart or Sam's Club or any of the other retailers. They use the "Jobs" flag like this case when it's convenient, but do not want to put their money where their mouth is.

        Until the American people are willing to pay for goods manufactured in the US, for services provided by workers living in the US, we will always see jobs going offshore.

        So unless you are working hard to buy 100% American made, don't complain about offshoring.

        (My most frustrating and unsatisfactory tech support call was with an American, living in Dallas. That accent - whoa!!!) :)

    • rachelle_d Nov 14, 2009 11:56 AM Flag

      Yesterday I called in and got someone from India that I couldn't understand, so I requested to speak with an American. HE TRANSFERRED ME TO THE PHILLIPINES!! I hung up the phone, I'll take my business elsewhere thank you! It's very sad, does Intuit have American employees anymore?

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      • WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Intuit makes their software so easy the normal average person can use it. They outsource their customer support in a FINANCIALLY prudent manner to keep cost in line. Then while 95% of Intuit users are happy and being productive with the software you have another 5% of the users (some of those who are CRYING on this board) who couldn't figure out why the 1995 computer and software they are still using doesn't work really well. PEOPLE ......WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!! I'm glad the dog (INTUIT) is wagging the tail (5% of whiners who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag) than the other way around. When INTUIT starts catering to you small amount of LOSERS is when I sell my stock in INTU. Until then I trust ......... "THE NEEDS OF THE MANY (95% of INTU users) OUTWEIGHS THE NEEDS OF THE FEW (5% of users to include you whiners) OR THE ONE!"

    • Trust me. It's much worse for employees who need help from the IT helpdesk. If you call during normal business hours locally, you end up getting forwarded to 1st line helpdesk people in India, who take your case, fill out a bunch of forms and then says "thank you, we'll be in touch"... A few days later, you can follow the email trail of the helpdesk request as it is routed from india back to the U.S., where eventually it is serviced by one local IT helpdesk guy/gal that is way overloaded. You'll be lucky if you get anything fixed within a week, unless you happen to no a senior VP that can trump all other requests.

      Yeah, I guess they call this cost cutting, where they cut technical folks, while leaving a bunch of non-techs on payroll. Go figure.

    • I couldn't agree more. Why does INTU outsource to third world countries? Not a smart idea. I don't understand the person on the other line and they don't undersatand me. I definitely don't like my buisiness & financial information accessible overseas. Bad business indeed.

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