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  • purge_dc purge_dc Dec 22, 2010 8:05 AM Flag


    Does quicken have the bugs worked out of the latest edition?

    I have been reading reviews for the 2009 and 2010 edition. The users seem to think they were a step backwards. I keep reading that many still go back to the 2007 edition because of bugs and difficulty to use later editions.

    Does the 2011 have the bugs worked out?

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    • (1) The One-Step-Update does not minimize no more when updating. This sucks because you have to look at the updating screen and can't do nothing else.

      (2) Bugs relating to "Unidentified Security" will show up especially if you have a lot of investment funds and your upgrading from a 3 year old software.

      (3) You can not touch the side bar to get the main portfolio investment accounts like before; only the individual accounts alone, you have to go to the menu at the top to click the portfolio icon to get all investments accounts as a whole.

      (4) There will be bugs relating to copying transactions and pasting them from several years back; you will end up creating new transactions for common repetitive transactions. Its a small bug and not continuous but very annoying.

      (5) The HOME- MAIN VIEW Page you have to customize after upgrade otherwise you will have to scroll down everytime when you start the program which is a pain at first, get your favorite feature to the top of the front page. If you bought online which there is no book that comes with the program, you will feel the pain of navigating through the program. I am 10 year vet to the program so its learn and let the fingers do the talking.

      Other feature's are ok. The bill feature is a great touch to bills you want to get rid of fast and let you know that they are paid.


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      • if i may- do you use turbo tax for income tax until now i have had it done. i saw investments and real estate and i would appreciate any feed back from anyone that has used it. after reading this about quicken i wonder just how user friendly it is. thanks

      • This is so wrong on the part of Quicken. For example, to continue to download account activity and execute online transactions in version 2008 after April 2011 a user is forced to "upgrade" to version 2011. Funny, when I bought v2008 the manual and packaging said the product did this. Now it won't after April 2011. To reference another analogy seen on this board it's the equivalent of buying a car, but it was not disclosed to you the wheels were programmed to fall off in 3 years until you received an email from the manufacturer. This is not "sunset policy," this is willful deceit.

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