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  • EdgarYu EdgarYu Feb 7, 1998 6:06 PM Flag

    Turbo Tax Schedule D error for entries &

    I am doing my taxes on TurboTax and after all day today I noticed my Schedule D have an error if the number of short term
    trades entered manually is larger than 20. My entry number 21
    is missing and the resulting gross and capital gains and losses
    are less than what I typed into the table. These are option
    transactions and I do not try to import data for Quicken.

    The error seems easy to track down (still takes me half a day)
    but my question is whether this is a software or hardware error.
    I recently installed a Syquest removable drive and probably I
    didnt install it right or there is a driver error.

    Can someone please tell me if this occurs in any other PCs

    Thank you

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    • The IRS were making revisions on its Schedule D way to late. Intuit continued in its committment to ship the Pro Series/Turbo Tax software as is without the D1 attachment. You should be able to get a update within product line web site. Just to make sure email customer service to make sure before you download. Intuit does a reliable effort to be up to date with all forms; sub-schedules and tax laws.

      I hope I was some help clearing that up.

    • the problem you are describing is NOT hardware related. If you have diagnosed the problem accurately it is definitelt software related. you should call tech support and discuss it with them

      doesn't anyone care that Intuit has discontinued Quicken for Mac

      • 1 Reply to macman95124
      • It is indeed, quite disappointing to me that Quicken for Mac is no more. However, I don't believe from an investor's point of view that this is a major concern. I really don't see any other company threatening intuit's stomping ground with some miracle new mac finance software that will somehow capitalize on Quicken's customer base and leave INTU scratching their heads, muttering "what did we do wrong?".

        I still use quicken 4 and am quite satisfied, so maybe the hypothesis that the software may have reached some degree of evolutionary perfection on a dwindling platform makes the decision more understandable. It costs a lot to keep an application selling in the stores, and since INTU can only make money by selling, it stands to reason that they just may know what they're doing by dropping Mac.

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