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  • Bev_R_Ley Bev_R_Ley Feb 21, 1998 8:36 AM Flag

    Where is Everybody?

    This has got to be one of the quietest boards around! Having purchased INTU recently, I was looking forward to some commentary. Sure is a big difference from the Lucent board!

    It's had a pretty nice little runup lately....think it's going to continue?

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    • I sure hope the momentum continues -- it has been incredibly strong with double or triple average volume on up days .. and those are often in the $3 and $4 range. However, I will have a sleepless night tonight in anticipation of Q2 report tomorrow.
      What is this talk I see about a split? Why would that make sense ... the stock is hardly overvalued or too expensive.
      Unless, of course, Scott Cook wants to pad his retirement nestegg a bit (more)

    • I was scanning this Intuit board for the first time and was surprised to see Bev_R_Ley's post. We both post on the Lucent
      (LU) board and she is not understating it when she says the LU board is wild. If you want to see an exciting board about the
      stock of the future (LU) visit that board. It insults, in a good natured way, just about anybody and anything. It is a fun board.
      But I wanted to comment on a recent inquiry about a program that would keep track of portfolios. I am old fashioned. I use an
      old Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet that I developed myself. It does everything I want since I customized it for my own needs. I have to
      manually input each day's date, closing prices, the current DJIA and the S&P500, then the computer tells me what I am worth, percent
      gain for the week and for the time I have owned each security, compares my gains against the Dow and 500, shows me my Roth IRA
      gains since I converted from the standard IRA, computes the tax I have saved assuming a 28% rate, computes percent of the
      portfolio in stocks, mutual funds and cash and on and on. I also have Quicken that is also useful and I weekly graph my results using
      Harvard Graphics, but the program that is most useful to me is the spreadsheet I designed myself for my own specific needs on Lotus
      1-2-3. Getting the correct equations where they are needed is the only tricky part, but if you like simple math and take the time,
      you really don't need more sophistication, and it can do a herculean job for you.

    • Okay I agree with Beverley!! I have a bunch of questions that I would like some answers to

      1) Where do we see this stock going after the earnings are announced on Febreuary 24th. Is it going up, down, or no change.
      2) What is this talk about a stock split. The split was nearly 2 years ago.

      3) What is a reasonable range for this stock, in the coming months. I picked some up in late June and am curious about all these potential news breaks

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