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  • mikeben3355 mikeben3355 Sep 16, 1999 8:16 AM Flag


    bought it at 106,bet the farm,did i goof,reply

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    • aldude54,

      since Aug., only BAKER MARI J
      filed to sell 30,000. It is nothing compared with total
      60 mil. Look at BAKER MARI J's selling history, he
      seems have a lot to sell from time to time, he likes to
      sell at Sept. and his decision was all wrong. for
      instance, he sold 5000 shares on Sept 10, 98 for $40/each
      and 10,000 shares on Sept. 23, 98, for $45/each.
      BAKER MARI J slod from Sept 98 to March 99. INTU shoted
      up like crazy from 40 Sept 10, 98 to 110 in April

      So if history repeats, INTU will raise
      2.5 times after BAKER MARI J's selling from this Sept
      to next April.

    • I am very interested in getting Intuit soon, but
      first I must ask a dumb question. The company press
      release on Sept. 9th said "Stockholders of record on
      September 20, 1999, will be entitled to two additional
      shares of common stock for each share of the Company's
      common stock held on that date," with payment being made
      on September 30th. So... if I buy shares in the
      interim between now and September 30th, am I still
      assured of getting 2 additional shares? If so, when?

    • FYI; They have been contacting their old customers about the '99 tax software. I have ordered mine consequently, for delivery in December.

    • I'm new at this board,after reading several
      messages i'm
      getting the idea that not that
      different from the other boards.
      INTUIT, though, looks
      very attractive with 1 5 billion or more
      eps and pe of 17 you certainly do not get this
      on any of the internet
      the only thing that i have of problem with is ...the
      selling ..sure it is a sign of reaching the peak..i'll be
      watching probably if circumstances are good i might get
      tomorrow we will see....good luck to you all.

    • MSFT will not advertise this year's tax software,
      and neither will Intuit, until the tax season begins
      at the end of the year. Nobody sells tax software in
      September. I don't care what business you are in, you've got
      to worry when MSFT targets you. You may have heard
      of a highflying company called Netscape

      When I said Harris "took his eye off the ball", I was
      referring to MSFT. I think most people understood my point.
      I just think a CEO resigning unexpectedly after
      barely a year at the helm pursuing an acquisition binge,
      and then say the company was getting too big for him
      to handle, should raise questions about the

      Maybe I went a little overboard on some of the rhetoric
      but the underlying point still stands. With all the
      personal attacks directed toward me, I don't think I am
      the one truly sweating this.

    • you shorted INTU at a worng time before.
      Otherwise, you will not have such a hatred on INTU.

      read all your most recent msg in this board. You tried
      to use INTU's rivals to create a PAPER TIGER, use
      some tricky words such as "which I expect", "Sound
      like", etc. to create dark backgroud so that people can
      not see your tiger is actually made of paper. In
      Friday case, you might have been very happy because your
      paper tiger did scare many cowards. But time will prove
      you are real paper tiger.

      franz45, you have
      no idea what is really going on. For instance, in
      msg 2142, you said "MSFT will be entering INTU's core
      tax software business this winter in a big way. They
      were supposed to go last year but decided not to until
      they had a superior product". I am a software
      engineer, I know how a company designs, implements, tests,
      and markets software. The truth is, no company will
      release a product untill a product becomes superior.
      There are no way you can said which product is superior
      untill market proves it. So all companies realse
      software version by version. MSFT is typical. Plus if MSFT
      will release "a superior product" this winter, MSFT
      should have advertised its new product already.
      franz45's statement is rediculous.

      Another example,
      in regard to CEO's leaving, franz45 have many
      reasons that were not reported. In msg 2142, you said
      "The real reason Harris is leaving is because MSFT
      will be entering INTU's core tax software business
      this winter in a big way." In msg 2190, you disagreed
      WSJ's report and said "You already know what I think
      the real reason is. He was so busy blowing that hoard
      of cash he took his eye off the ball." What is the
      real reason? You have no idea!

      Why are you so
      desparate? If you are not shorter this time, you must have
      been broken because you shorted INTU before. Am I

    • franz45, I'm with you all the way here. I fully
      agree with you about corporate spin, and the
      "resignation" of Harris plus this qtr's earnings situation
      definitely put Intuit "at a critical juncture". It's your
      "INTU is sunk" and INTU dropping to 15 talk that I take
      exception to. If this situation isn't handled well there
      could be problems, but I think Intuit has proven that
      it has great management. Can we agree to disagree?

    • One should always be skeptical of any press
      release made by a company particularly on a sensitive
      issue like this. Most news organizations these days
      mindlessly reprint whatever the company hands them. That's
      why I put more credence in an outfit like the Wall
      St. Journal that digs deeper and gets to the root of
      a story often earlier than anyone else.

      took what they said along with my other research to
      come to the conclusions I've presented. It's certainly
      not what the company wants to spin at you, but if you
      work for any public company these days, you should
      know the PR machines certainly shade the truth to
      present any event, no matter how shocking, in the most
      favorable light. Fortunately, as we saw on Friday, the
      market often sees through the spin. Anyway, here are a
      couple of quotes from the WSJ article that went beyond
      the press release:

      "Intuit is at a critical
      juncture as it attempts to shift its core software
      business onto the Web while facing intense competition
      from a range of finance sites that have sprung up all
      over the Internet. People close to the company said
      Mr. Harris and some top managers had differed on the
      direction for Intuit, with Mr. Harris favoring a more
      aggressive strategy to acquire small companies, resulting in
      some tension at the top of the company."

    • "Our business is highly seasonal. Sales of tax
      products are heavily concentrated from November through
      March. Sales of consumer finance and small business
      products are typically strongest during the year-end
      holiday buying season, and therefore our major product
      launches usually occur in the fall to take advantage of
      this customer buying pattern. These seasonal patterns
      mean that revenue is usually strongest during the
      quarters ending January 31 and April 30. We experience
      lower revenues for the quarters ending July 31 and
      October 31, while our operating expenses to develop and
      manage products and services continue to be incurred
      during these periods. These seasonal trends can result
      in significant operating losses, particularly in the
      July 31 and October 31 quarters when our revenues are
      lower. The seasonality of our revenue patterns has been
      further intensified by our June 1998 acquisition of
      Lacerte, a professional tax software company. Operating
      results can also fluctuate for other reasons, such as
      changes in product release dates, non-recurring events
      such as acquisitions and dispositions, and product
      price cuts in quarters that have relatively high fixed
      expenses. Acquisitions and dispositions in particular can
      have a significant impact on the comparability of both
      our quarterly and yearly results."

      I am also
      trying to verify the reason for the earnings drop...

    • I got in yesterday @ 92/-.
      When are earnings
      coming out?
      Can some one explain why earning
      estimates lowered this quarter from -42 to -58 cents?

      No flame please.
      thanks in advance,

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