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  • maverickcpa maverickcpa Jan 29, 2000 11:54 PM Flag

    Sell INTUIT Now

    Quickbooks 2000 is being referred to as Junk
    2000. Go to the Quickbooks Forum to see just how bad it
    is. Go to the Payroll section and you will see
    discussions of class action suits, anit trust suits, and
    deceptive trade practices suits. A lot of the clamor is
    because INTUIT is forcing customers to sign up for
    payroll services or locking out their tax tables. And one
    subsciption per license is not enough. Practicioners with
    multiple companies must buy multiple subscriptions. And
    the service is only available by

    This new policy rivals the new coke. Everyone is
    scrambling for new software and INTUITS 80% hold on the
    market is in danger of eroding.

    Sell INTUIT Now

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    • Can someone tell me how to access the(to me) mythical Quicken forums? I've been all over Intuit's site looking for them with NO success!


    • stock is gonna be delightful. in @ 26,long and strong. see ya north of here!

    • Intuit's stock price is going to be affected by
      all this whining and complaining. A lot of people
      here are dismissing it, but what they don't get is
      that only a few users are as yet aware of the

      When the old tax table times out on February 15,
      you're going to see major league complaining. As of this
      time, few users have purchased QB2000; fewer have
      installed it (the installation actually REPLACES your
      browser with IE5, whether or not you want it replaced --
      so many have opted out at the last minute); and even
      fewer still are aware of the problem.

      I have no
      question that Intuit is eventually going to have to back
      up on this matter, and it will cost them dearly.
      Further, I don't believe there is any returning to the
      previous position -- nagging people 3 times per check to
      get the latest update. When this is over, the tax
      table update will have to be absolutely optional, with
      no unreasonable nagging, or the product will not be

      This is just poor judgment on the part of Intuit
      management, and the stockholders are going to foot the bill.

    • I posted earlier that I had encountered some
      problems with Intuit's TurboTax application. Here's an
      update as of 2100 hrs EST. I've just spent over an hour
      on the phone with one of their self-described
      "Senior Support" application engineers. I described to
      him what had occurred and he very firmly stated that
      the glitch we experienced (If you'll recall,
      installing the application overwrote an entire directory...)
      was an isolated incident which they had not observed
      previously. He offered to attempt to replicate the
      installation. I accepted his offer and he attempted twice to
      install the application using what they refer to as a
      "hard drive" installation. This procedure entails
      copying the contents of the CD over to one's hard drive
      and installing from this peripheral rather than
      directly from the CD drive. Without going into great
      detail, I will say that his experiences in attempting the
      installation were nothing like mine. It is sufficient to say,
      the issue of over-written files remains

      Just to clarify the issue, I have absolutely no
      interest in this stock, I am neither short or long and
      have no interest in taking a position in the stock. I
      prefer more upscale offering such as CSCO, SUNW, or TXN
      which have consistently outperformed the market over
      the past 3-5 years. Having said this, I would submit
      that I will be labeled as a whiner, a short and more
      than likely a number of other derogatory terms by the
      INTU faithful. This is their perogative, I would
      caution everyone, be careful in where you install
      TurboTax....choose your directory carefully.

    • <EOM>

    • i've been long since 1995. I was in at 20. Took 5
      years for the stock to do anything.

      This is not
      a board for shorties. If you want to see real day
      trading and whining go to the EGGS board. People here
      WANT to like INTUIT. Quicken was everyone's favorite
      software, and Turbox tax still gets my vote. I like to
      invest in companies whose products and practices I like.
      I don't care about the price of the tax table (but
      multi client accountants do) but I do care about how
      this upgrade was mishandled. with no advance notice to
      customers about these "features". I care about the lack of
      any public statement from INTUIT acknowledging
      customer disastisfaction and plans for improvement. I
      particularly care that the core product is not being improved,
      but rather web bells and whistles are being added,
      features none of my clients will ever use. I also am very
      concerned about a company that gives gives credibility to
      people on it's "PRO ADVISERS" lists only because they've
      paid for the privilege, not because they have the QB
      knowledge. If I, with my modest QB expertise and only enough
      accounting background to be dangerous, have to show these
      "pros" how to backup and restore QB files, set
      preferences, and turn off Que cards, there's something really
      wrong somewhere.

    • <EOM>

    • "Just don't use the payroll feature. "

      Fine. Then don't sell it is a "payroll" product.

    • "It had the same policy when Peachtree was a
      treat when there was other packages around.

      This is absolutely incorrect. The reason users are now
      pissed is that the policy has changed. With version
      2000, you are now REQUIRED to purchase the update,
      whether you need it and want it, or not.

      No one
      wants to deny Intuit profits on their software. But
      raking in millions by holding the customer base hostage
      is different.

      In the first place, Intuit is
      already making a killing by releasing updates to the
      software which offer nominal improvements at the FULL COST
      of the software. This is just one more

      $1,500? I don't think so.

    • One complainer and bunch of shorties.

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