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  • mauricethepantsman mauricethepantsman Mar 29, 2000 3:39 PM Flag

    Big blocks INST selling. Look out

    "It is always nice to be the Answer Man. Your
    explanation of the sell-off, however, is unconvincing. A Joe
    Kernan you ain't."

    A Joe Kernan is something
    that I don't want to be.

    Perhaps you might
    have the right answer, seeing as how you claim I

    Intuit is by no means a piece of shit, but it has been
    losing this quarter since it's disappointing
    announcement. The money managers will buy back in in April, as
    I said previously.

    Please, enlighten us with
    your comment/answer on why the sell off.

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    • It is idiotic to invent reasons for the sell-off
      or to ask me to give them to you. Get your nose out
      of this stock and take a look around. Read Barron's.
      Read IBD. Look at CBS Marketwatch. The sell-off isn't
      about Intuit. It's about the crescendo of warnings
      about overvalued New Market stocks.

      . . . Read
      the full-page ads that Paine-Webber is running in IBD
      . . . Listen to CNBC . . . Remove your nose from
      your ass and these boards and wake up . . . Look at
      what is happening to the Nasdaq stocks in general . .

      If ahead, take your profits. If behind, take the
      pain now. It is nothing compared to tomorrow's pain.
      Sell or repent!

    • of all the competition comming out against INTU
      and the real investors see that it cant last forever.
      You cant corner the market forever. As MSFT has
      learned. This is a good example of a sofware stock which
      is getting alot of competition and could hurt
      earnings in the future.

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      • Take a look at the increase in volume.

      • escapes some of us. It is true that competition
        comes out all the time but to use this as an argument
        right now during a drop of almost 200pts in the nasdq
        doesn't make a bit of sense. Also, regarding competition,
        IBM has competition coming out all the time too as
        well as HP, Gateway, Dell, etc. I don't think that I
        would fold up my tent on Intu because of some logic
        such as this. Intu is still in the creation mode for
        development of new business and in the transformation process
        to more of an internet company and developing
        additional revenue sources all the time. Why anyone would
        think the stock is going down due to competition is
        amazing but you sure are entitled to your opinion and we
        all know how opinions are like....

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