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  • tapcity1952 tapcity1952 Sep 14, 2006 3:14 PM Flag

    this is getting ugly

    I have owned this stock for a long time, first getting in at $15.90 and have been a proponent of weathering each storm and there have been many roller coaster rides, but this is the first I am getting concerned. I own, probably more of this stock than most on this board. It might be time to take the tax hit and move on. I'll Give Uncle Sam his capital gains etc. But before I go

    A successful are a complete asshole, ranking right up there with the likes of Linda, who has since left us and Richlum, who talks out of both ends everyday. Personally, I dont give a crap what you say. You and Richlum both need a good as kicking and I would love to represent this board and be the one to do it.

    Your tirades about the sky is falling only occur when the stock hits a blip. SHUT UP ALREADY. Your mother should be ashamed of raising a jack off like yourself.

    Good bye

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    • This is certainly an ugly drop (in ALL energy stocks) but check the one or two year chart. We've seen something pretty close to this before.

    • I agree with you, I also have been a long time ERF owner and I don't like the smell of this. I agree it's time to get out and move on.

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      • cber11 Sep 14, 2006 7:48 PM Flag

        For the hell of it I looked at my history with ERF

        6/17/01 Bought 1k shares @ 20.50
        6/28/01 " 300 " @ 17.12
        8/6/01 " 200 " @ 19.50
        8/7/01 " 100 " @ 18.84

        Since then I've bought in and out of ERF so many times
        my finger the computer wore down my fingers. Each time I sold I made excellent momey. I purchased it on its most recent foray into $50. I've done the same with Arc and Acclaim (now Canetic)

        What's the point of this? Please believe me I'm not
        trying to boast of my success with ERF. And I am also uncomfortable with the current swoon in CRTs. But this is the nature of the beast. Up and down like a basketball. But one must remember the long term supply and demand fundamentals for oil and gas remain intact, so this time I'm hanging on to my ERF, COS.UN, PGX.UN, PEY.UN, AET.UN.
        I don't know what's causing this downturn, US stockpiles way above average, sector rotation, shoulder season, but my bet is by the end of the year will see much higher prices in oil and gas, and, consequently, in the prices of CRTs.

        ERF and the other CRTs I'm holding are pretty solid, and should be able to maintain distributions.


        Good Luck to All


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