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  • green_lightning11 green_lightning11 Feb 22, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Lisahuang........ mortgage your house and short with all you got, you could be right or take investing

    101. RE: cash flow in the oil industry.

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    • P.S. You have spent the last year flaunting the fact that you have no idea what is going on, so you're not the best person to give advice. Are you not aware you have become the laughingstock of this board?

    • Why short? No, I am long as I have said before.
      However, I did recently harvest tax losses by doubling my position, holding for 31 days and then selling the original position. I will use those capital losses to offset future option selling premiums which otherwise would be taxed as STCG. In effect I have reset my basis and traded unrealized capital losses for realized losses and a lower basis. Not only does this allow me to sell options without paying tax on the premiums, it essentially also gives me additional tax deferral (on top of the deferral I already have from MLPs which make up the bulk of my portfolio). These losers can come in useful for that at least.

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