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  • s.eranger Feb 28, 2013 1:35 PM Flag


    Do you feel ERF is a buy at this price? If so, why?

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    • It is up to the previous high. It has been falling from that price. I don't understand the large price swing. I'm standing back.

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      • Probably a good move when yiou consider the entire Market and where it has come from since the first of the year. That is why I said in another post that we look like we are getting close to resistance level best on some previous run ups only to stall and drop back. I guess that is why they say"buy on the dips!" We all look for the day ERF can blow right on through 14. That would be good!

    • WOW, I am certainly no person to follow as it relates to my investment record, but I will give you my opinion.
      Yes, I would buy at this price and did purchase a few more shares yesterday myself. Why? Heck, I bought this stock at a price considerably higher than where it is now, and have suffered since last Spring(when it started on it's downfall) like many other people on this board who are long and chosen not to bail as I believe in this company despite my frustrations with the stock price. They cut their Div in half(.18 to .09) which we all hated to see and also was a high% of reason for stock price drop, but "the truth be admitted" was actually a good and needed action to help the balance sheet, preserve the remaining dividend(which is still very good at 8+%) and showed the company was being proactive in managing the situation with low NG prices and profitability effect it had on ERF. Why?-contd- My main reason for thinking it is a buy at this price is that NG and Oil are not going away and we cannot survive without them + NG has the attention of every Utility Company out there as it relates to the generation of electricty and we sure as heck cannot live without electricity. Common Sense tells us that NG generating facilities are on the rise at INCREASING rates, co ultimately the old law of Supply and demand will raise it's head as it relates to NG. In the year 2000, 11% of electricity generation in New England was from NG, and now an article on EXC(Excelon) yahoo web site under the summary section says it is 52% and it is hard to get the NG to New England, so you would think that is going to change. Southern Company(Huge Utility and generator of Electricity in the south) is already building and completed new NG generating plants replacing coal. All of the previous information is reason enough to be long ERF as better days are ahead. Should you buy at todays price and assume it is not going back to 12? No, as it easily could, but for the long term, I personally believe this stock is a candidate to double in value and in the meantime, generate the current 8+% dividend safely and who knows, with some improved earnings and good news on the NG and Oil "front" maybe the dividend goes back up as well. Yes, I would and have bought at todays price and higher, but accept the fact the price could hang out at the current levels for a longer period than I prefer. Also, if you choose you can accumulate the stock at no additional out of pocket cost to you if you like as they give you the option to take your dividend in stock at a 5% discount which is not a bad deal. Sorry for the long answer to say "yes" but I figured I could hedge my answer somewhat as I am certainly not a person that thinks this stock is not subject to some more Down moves/dips. green lightning is the eternal optomist on this stock.

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