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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 Oct 3, 2008 2:08 PM Flag

    This whole fdic confiscation will be undone

    You can blame both parties. The push for sub prime lending started with the Clinton administration.... Ask Barney Franks. They helped push down restrictions on loans. Now that both candidates have shown their true Incumbent colors. I will vote for anybody else on that ballot. Obamas finance chair person Penny prisker the 135th richest person in the world alive!! is in bed with the aggressive lenders directly! She's already bank rupt'd banks. at the same time McCain has become capt'n earmark. They are both members of the corrupt 2 party dictatorship comprised of the top 2-4% of the wealthiest people in America. Our current democracry has been hi - jacked! Expenses nationalized & profits privatized!!more ceo severence packages!!! freddy n fanny ceo's w14 & 18 million lookout! there's more we've just bailed out aigs insurance default scam ye haw