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  • germanosteve germanosteve Mar 16, 2011 5:47 PM Flag

    What determines who qualifies for TARP

    Last I checked, Washington Mutual was solvent, and the nations largest thrift with an $8 offer from JPM on the table 5 months before the FDIC muscled the deposits over to JPM. If other banks received tens, even hundreds of billions, how in God's name is it justified Lehman and Washngton Mutual were not given fair treatment?

    The only answer is corruption at the highest level ever imagined in the US, and who better than an ex Goldman Sachs scumbag to pull it off.

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    • We all know that for whatever reason WAMU was sold down the river to JPM for a pittance. But why not save WAMU like the other banks that were too big to fail. Were they any less guilty in the whole sub-prime mess than the others?

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      • There is no accountability, no questioning by SG, just not adding up. The only thing that could make it all right is if Susman has this issue in his pocket and is saving it for a secret weapon. Otherwise, I will never understand why the heck :

        (1) Alan scum Fishman never was brought up by the SEC for false informtion

        (2) Why the FDIC took action when a bank as significant as WM was not a threat, and clearly had strong liquid options based on JPM's $8 offer.

        (3) Why other banks were given tens of billions when WM got zilch??????????????????????

        I said it from day one, you can all blame one person, HENRY PAULSON, the GOLDEN SCUM.