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  • hitsruns hitsruns Dec 27, 2012 7:23 PM Flag

    juicyjuice, next call please

    your prediction last week was "Next stop is at 85 cents, within few trading days."

    Good call.

    Stay on a roll and pick the next stop. Ideally, upwards. :)

    Also, any updates (veiled or otherwise) re (sleaze-balls) GS are welcome.


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    • No reel newz, Ize jest gladd that weze gettin rich off Wmih!!!!

      Assumpshuns, wishes, hopes, guezzes, and spekulashuns am good enuf for usins dreemers!


    • Several bashers will show up early next year indicating to the longs that as there is no deal, WMIH has no business plan. There will likely be no deal announced until March 2013. The WAMU longs know the true value of the assets stolen and are unlikely to sell any of their holdings regardless of the announcement of the deal by 12/31/12. The price change without news is an indication that deal is being concocted and is being leaked to family and friends of those in know. GS is eager to settle with litigation trust and acquire WMIH for its NOL benefits. A delay in discovery of misdeeds of GS has the sole purpose of finishing the deal by March 2013 to get the releases from all the parties. Those who have yet to release want to see the money and will wait to see the actual settlement before they sign off and move on. A NASDAQ listing is very likely as the stock trades over a buck early next year.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • A Nasdaq listing should send this stock into the pricing range it deserves, if it gets this far before an announcement.--The #$%$ on this corrupt pink sheet market will no longer have their influence in playing their "hide and seek and capture" game. Please don't drink the reverse split kool-aid. At $3.00 this stock is only about 10 cents on the old-- definitely not impressed--At $29.95 wmih is still only $1 on the old-- not impressed--At 10Billion the stock would be $50 or about $1.68 on the old--Still not impressed--With TPG's basis of their some 240 million old shares of about $8.50 these numbers are a long way off--An $8 break even would be about $200 on the new--They may have lowered their original investment by short selling into the theft--but probably not more than 50%--The event forcing upward pps movement won't be by any means the last--I look for TPG to be somehow involved in a "banking" merger that will eventually be very fruitful as the Chinese hold the cards and our corrupt government knows it.........

    • and at 5:14 the after hours nasdaq shows volume after hours of 375,000 shares - all with a few minutes of normal close - and it held tight at 85 cents - held tight - and yes 85 cents - Bingo

    • indeed
      BINGO -
      (that is what ? 90% in less then a month - and maybe now we can do that again?)
      now now lucy - calm down - we have been here before and before and before

    • We should be at a buck by New year eve.

    • germany is at 71 (munich) and 74 (berlin) eurocent at the moment, that´s about 94 and 98 us cent.

      and my cristalball tells me, there are more possibilities, :-)))

      if there is a announcement of a deal, merger or buy, at the weekend, then the pps is expected to go on monday to 5 - 7 dollars.

      if there is no announcement of a deal this weekend, the pps on monday will go to 50 cent. and if then there is a announcement on tuesday, the pps will go to 5 - 7 on wednesday.

      if there is no announcement of a deal until wednesday, we can expect the pps again at 45 - 50 cent for the time until there is a announcement. or the next pump, the timeline tehrefore is the 3/1972013, then the wmih should make the transfer to delaware.