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  • juicyjuice10001 juicyjuice10001 Feb 20, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Goldman admits

    being in negotiations while JPM is listening in. JPM is being exposed by GS. There will be no hearing on the naked shorting . GS has already admitted of naked shorting to help JPM.The baldy Paulson gave the signal to GS, his former boss without fear to help JPM. Naked shorting was the only way to steal WAMU. TPG was the number one to short WAMU.

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    • Goldman announces sale of its reinsurance business to unknown investors on the same day it had a date with the court which could have exposed the corrupt foundation of GS. Why would a small Texas legal firm try to take legal action against the largest firm doing the work for god in a kangaroo court which has denied the justice to little folks and is known to be in bed with thieves? Does this take JPM and FDIC off the hook and those who are asking for return of goods may have incentive to release all the corrupt firms acting in concert?

    • FTD is illegal ie FAILURE TO DELIVER.Our experts must have realized that there were innumerable FTDs by GS on WAMU.

    • I have tried to explain to you in the past the NAKED SHORTING is absolutely LEGAL.. In fact, 90(+) % of all shorting is "naked" the shorter does not already own the stock being shorted. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Not illegal, done every day, no legal issue. Got it yet? The rest of your post is what could be kindly called misinformed. Otherwise, it would be called lying.

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      • Definition of naked short selling that I refer to and as I understand it:

        "Naked short selling involves trading in shares that an investor doesn't own, doesn't borrow and doesn't deliver. The phantom stock trades flood the market with what appear to be shares available for sale, and they drive down the stock price."

        What is defined above is illegal. If what is defined above is what Goldman Sachs did then they committed a crime.

      • Jezus Christ this Human is really cloned with the Reptiles and have a low IQ to not comprehend the word Illegal and Criminal.Hey Ingy Go and Fok Your self better than posting here your idiotic statements.But probablly you do not comperehend the nature of the word Short.Even if you short legally you must find first the shares to short and than after you can short for the same amount of shares you have got the allowance to short and this is the legal.The Illgal part is that You short a Stock without the shares to short.I am giving to you a example.What would the GS do if I sell phantom shares that Do not exist?Shares that I Promiss to bring but didn't provide.So in this case I Can fload the market with lets say two billion shares(Promissed to be delivered to te buyers but never deliverd)and kill the stock price.
        This Person must be wanted from the FBI for being in the most wanted criminal if he say what he say above.Lets see who he for the real life is and Bring it to the atention of the FBI and send him to Jail.

    • "Goldman admits being in negotiations while JPM is listening in. JPM is being exposed by GS. There will be no hearing on the naked shorting. GS has already admitted of naked shorting to help JPM".

      These are 4 strong statements on your part that would be of extremely relevance for WAMU shareholders,if you have access to some kind of article or PR relating to these, please share with us,if these statements are assumptions on your part,please specify so.It is Ok to make assumptions, and, since what your saying fit extremely well in the scheme of events and "could" very well be,IMO,true,it would be better if you post the source of your info,if any. T.Y. , and good luck to all WAMU shareholders.

    • How does this help us now and will it lead to any retribution for us common saps?

      oh I see.

    • 07/15/08--SEC Enhances Investor Protections Against Naked Short Selling

      That makes it sound like they were doing their job doesn’t it? Unfortunately it was well known by hedge funds and other “shorters” that the naked short selling ban was not enforced. Naked short selling of Washington Mutual continued to damage Washington Mutual severely and although it is illegal, the SEC did nothing to stop it.

      WaMu was not put on the list of banks that were not to be shorted. WaMu CEO Killinger specifically asked for WaMu to be added to the list but was refused. The Short ban notice announcement on 15 July by the SEC was to be effective the 21st. On July 17, Killinger, the CEO, sent a FAX transmittal, requesting to be added to the “no short” list and was refused. It is interesting to note the fax, which was received on the 17th was logged in as received 8:40pm on the 22nd by the "Chairman's Correspondence Unit".