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  • juicyjuice10001 juicyjuice10001 Jun 15, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    WMILT speaks up

    on the smartboard. A voice of reason has surfaced on that board. Hopefully the judge sees the greed amongst the employees who are trying to milk the WMILT and dismiss their claims. There is a good chance the PIERS ger paid and then there is money for the equity. Rosen is feeling ashamed of his past and now trying to work for equity as per the WMILT.

    "Personally, I congratulate Amanda Steele of Richards, Layton & Finger and Brian Rosen of WGM for their new filing today of their brief opposing the motion of this particular employee to add a new/"amended" grounds of recovery, four years after the bar date. This response is, in my opinion, a model of logical legal argument and well supported by relevant legal authority. It is very well done, worth reading, and I hope may provide a catalyst for the court to reconsider some of it's sloppy previous rulings allowing other "amendments".

    Ms. Allison's original claim was for over $593,000 based on her WMB employment under the WMB Change in Control Agreement and the WMI Supplemental Executive Retirement Accumulation Plan. Like so many other non-settling WMB employees, she seems to sense the weakness of her initial positions and now seeks to enhance her "nuisance value" for settlement purposes by adding newly minted and imaginative claims, as some other claimants have recently successfully done, aided by the loose reasoning of Judge W. The new claim is for "only" $41,000, so it is logical to ask why our attorneys have expended so much time, effort and, yes, LT money, in opposing it.

    My response is that the effort is strategically worth it because this motion provides a favorable fact pattern strongly supporting the LT's position that these multiple last-minute nuisance claims must be quashed as soon as possible before the court allows itself to be overwhelmed by minutia, with a consequence of
    interminable litigation which will swamp the court and uselessly deplete the Trust's resources. Stated
    another way, up until no

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