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  • jillybeancs jillybeancs Dec 17, 2007 5:53 PM Flag

    Lets not tell this to 'little' dick but


    Without these offshores, your settlement fees, extra added money to your handles, your Churchill Downs investment is worth around 15 bucks a share...And this simpleton keeps buying these shares at 50 bucks one is left to bail the duchoisois out...this time 'little' dick is about to be taught a lesson in finance that may ruin that entire have been hustled...stay the course..LOL

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    • Go ahead, short some more! Dick D will be seeing you at about $58/share. How much in dividends are you going to have to pay in January? Just remember, margin calls are not tax deductable.

    • I was off $100 on the monthly, but the annual wagering minimum works out to barely over $200 per month. Again, if you wager less than that, no ADW is making money so maybe you should be paying some fees.

    • Can you say "short squeeze"? How about "margin call"? How about 248 acres of prime Northwest Suburban Chicago real estate? What's the math on dollars bet at ADW's shifting to Hmmmm. Looks like jells gonna get an old fashioned #ss whuppinn. Looks like Dick D did the hustling when he turned his original $20 million investment in Arlington Park into 23% of CHDN. What's the rate of return on that one? $1.03 on MECA - how long does a stock have to trade under a buck before the NASDAQ delists? Just wondering.

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      • Why do you feel money bet at ADW's will shift to What is so fabulous about to drive this result? The interface is nothing to write home about. It is functional and this is a positive.

        I agree that CHDN is a nice stock play, but get real on the ADW side of things. TVG and Youbet are not inferior by any means to Some might even say they are superior. No matter. No reason to exaggerate simply to make your point that CHDN is a good play.

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