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  • cu_momo cu_momo Mar 22, 2007 11:39 PM Flag

    Why Apple TV will be a BIG success...

    Are you kidding me? $300 for a paper weight? I won't be buying one.
    Honestly, I tried to understand what it does and I have come to the conclusion it is useless.

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    • It is often very difficult for people to change the way they do things. When a new method does not follow the same protocol as their current one, they often think it is useless.

      When Apple introduced the Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a Mouse in 1984, many people who were familiar with Microsoft DOS command prompt thought it would be useless. It wasn't.

      Imagine forgetting to record an episode with TiVo one day, or neglecting to record a whole series because it was showing only in a foreign country or perhaps your were not even born yet when it was showing :) How will you easily and reliably sample and get the episode or the whole series if you want to get it?

      Apple TV. It may not be the only answer, but it will likely be the easiest, most elegant, most reliable way to sample, purchase and enjoy multi media.

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