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  • tomas_eldoctor tomas_eldoctor May 8, 2007 9:46 PM Flag

    Hon. Judge Duffy Uncovering Dish Malice

    Hon. Judge Duffy Uncovering Dish�s Malice

    EchoStar indicated that doc submitted were not communicated to it by M&G-- implying that there was some one who did it. WHO?

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    Justice is surrendering EchoStar, it will end-up paying TREBLE DAMAGES to TiVo.

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    • Yeah, but is up over 30% since I bought TiVo and first read your worthless posts. You are such a tool! LOL Now, since you can't read, the corn analogy was a joke, as was your statement that VCR's have been doing pretty much the same thing as a TiVo for the past 25 years. This will be my last reply to you, as I know you make 10 cents for every post of yours that gets a response. See ya little man.

    • Sure stupid idiot, go patent tossing corn in your gas tank. Don't look now but this turd is down over 2% today.

    • Yes, Tivo is getting ready to take off sooner than expected, one this day it may open 20 bucks on top of its closing price. A judge decision will start a crushing SHORT SQUEEZE. A rejection from the Superior Appeal Court, is most likely and will mean treble damages.

      The conjetures are that, settlements with other DVR makers will follow along licensing fees and royalties from millions of other DVRs operating on time shifting copycats from TiVo. That alone could send TiVo reaching triple digits.

    • did i ever mention how happy it makes me to see that you post here?

    • Excellent link, thank you. With May 16th as the next gate, we longs can hope for some material movement over the coming months.


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      • 10 months have gone by, since Texas District Judge Folsom ruled $93 million in favor of TiVo, from EchoStar. It also applied injunction for about 4 million boxes that were made to be willfully infringing on TiVo's patent.

        Given the fact that, expert patent Judge Folsom and Judge Duffey are not given credit to EchoStar statements for they are very doubtful arguments, full with err, and non complying as requested on dates, EchoStar-appeal has already summated reasons to get a full appeal rejection.

        The calculation, after that ruling can result in a minimum total award $93 millions-plus $40 million @ a $1 per infringing box per month; or $133 million.

        Since EchoStar decided to appeal based on not new issue related to its infringement case, but on a doubtful argument of legal opinion; TiVo also appealed for treble damages.

        Clearly, the arrogant attitude of EchoStar and the constant recurrences breaking the law-- qualifies it for treble damages. TiVo's award could be tripled in a new justified ruling. That will put a stop to EchoStar constant wrong doings stealing other companies intellectual property.

        The award of TiVo will amount to around $400 million to date; plus injunctions, or licensing and royalties.

        EchoStar should be trying to find a settlement with TiVo. Even though, TiVo at his time may not be interested.

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