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  • justfornowitsmeagain justfornowitsmeagain Dec 16, 2007 6:01 PM Flag

    Dont short this stock

    I am not suggesting anyone short this stock.. it is too risky.

    What I am suggesting is to lighten up your position, realize some profits or realize some profit to negate any other losses in your investments this year.

    Why? I think the stock will slip over the next week or two. Long term, its a toss up but a good entry point would be $6.5 which it will hit sooner or later

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    • Get a life, crook. You are misleading people to sell, same thing as short, want to create sell pressure on tivo.

      Take a look how crook works, this is a great example.

      • 1 Reply to h_on_tivo
      • This thread is a good example of a fanatic response. Remember back in 2003 even a suggestion that the war in Iraq was misconstrued would have met with vitriolic from the neocons.. now we know how wrong they were. There are as many WMDs in Iraq as there is Oil on the moon, the whole invasion is a farce and we are paying dearly for it ($2Trillion and counting).. Look at the price of Gasoline.. would it have been $3 a gallon if we hadnt invaded Iraq? Look at the Dollar in the toilet and at par with the Canadian dollar. Wanna take a vacation to Europe? dare not.

        what is the relevance to Iraq and investing in Tivo? Look at the angry responses to my suggestions of selling TIVO to realize some profit, it reminds me of the Neocon behavior prior to the Invastion of Iraq. These fanatics are long and dont want you to sell but if the stock falls to $6 they will still tell you to be long as long as they are long. We will know soon enough as I will post here again, when TIVO hits $7 and tell you all including these other fanatic idiots.. .with a resounding "I TOLD YOU SO!"

    • Where do you newbies come off telling other investors what they should do? The absolute arrogance is nauseating. I guess everyone should have listened to fks like you when the likes of you were telling Tivo investors to sell when Tivo was at $5.60. You don't even own one share of Tivo and your telling others, who have held Tivo for years what they should do. Take your a$$ to some other board, and leave us alone. We are doing fine without your chickensht suggestions.

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