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  • BigHardCock BigHardCock Jun 3, 2009 12:01 PM Flag



    Don't be fooled. These big money shorters have their minions out in force posting boolsheet to scare you long holdouts (I included). You also have big money trying to bring it down temporarily so they can get in. BOTH CAMPS SEE THE TRAIN ROLLING DOWN THE TRACKS and want to cover or get in low.

    Don't phucking let them!!! Mark my words!

    Aloha Sheeps!

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    • This is just the start. Watch for the announcements over the next three weeks regarding Comcast, Cox, DTV, and others. The forward progress with those companies had been stalled waiting for the ruling. Not any more!

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      • I'm a passionate Tivo Bull -- but the reason I was so Bullish is that I always believed in Tivo's Intellectual property and that they would prevail vs DISH. The ruling confirms this to everyone, and while it may be a big reason to buy TIVO stock for the general public Tivo becomes a much less compelling buy right now for me -- simply b/c it is 50% more expensive Now if Tivo had lost the court case I would've sold it at any price.

        I am not selling, but would be very careful putting new capital at work.

        Also, the progress has NOT been stalled by the ruling. Comcast and Cox already have agreements in place Tivo AND Comcast has in fact, agreed to offer only Tivo DVRs to future customers. Progress has been stalled by the fact that Tivo has had a hard time integrating its software with the Cable company boxes. I am hoping they will do a good job with this in the future.

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