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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 3, 2010 12:15 PM Flag

    If you wrote the covered calls

    "Facts are stubborn things." - Ronald Reagan, upon being busted for lying

    This stock has gone from 8.50 to 10 exactly once in the past 5 years.

    New DVR. DirecTV compatibility already integrated into the new remotes (see the RGBY buttons?), and the DVR is probably HW compatible with DTV antennas, needing only finalized firmware and OS to make these DVRs the DTV DVRs.

    What I see is operational pressure biasing to the upside due to the availability of new product to the upgrade market and the reopening of an old market. The only downside pressure would come from self-balancing phenomena, such as trader noise and market motion.

    The remaining question is when will the DTV DVR be announced? That would affect the value of near-term options vs. long-term options. In any case, I wouldn't write calls now, nor would I continue to hold any I'd already written.

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    • ...I wouldn't write calls now, nor would I continue to hold any I'd already written.

      Interesting comment from someone who has never posted here before.
      A first time poster wouldn't be unusual except when that person only posts on one other board, as is the case here.

      What's your story, man?

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      • I've been holding TIVO stock since last summer when I first learned of the DTV plan.

        I'm pretty sure I posted here once or twice then.

        I don't post much to any board other than the AMD board, and I haven't posted there in a while. AMD was a special case for several years, breathing underwater without any gills. Now it's pretty much dead money, so arguing about it holds little interest for me compared to, say, playing online Scrabble. Although it's still a great long-term short proposition, due to the artificial inflation of the stock by people who don't understand the fallacies and obfuscations in AMD's SEC filings, and the competitive disadvantages it will never overcome. Its only hope now is that Abu Dhabi decides to buy it out to re-integrate with its long-gone fabs at GlobalFoundries, instead of cutting it loose to sink under the waves one last time.

        Your paranoia is unwarranted. You'll get better at this stock-picking hobby of yours if you read things into the actions of the company, not into spooky patterns in the charts or the comings and goings of random people on the boards. Correlation is not causation, in other words.

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